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Next-Gen Products Built on Engineering Excellence

With advances in embedded computing igniting product innovation in industries from medical to transportation, device creation is getting far more complex. We’re here to meet your ever-evolving software architecture and technology needs and help you turn your ideas into high-performance embedded, connected and mobile products.

ICS offers end-to-end platform services spanning full lifecycle development, including architecture planning, debugging, optimization and custom application design. Whether you choose commercial or open source technology for your project, we’ll help you build robust infrastructure and superior applications for medical devices, industrial automation, consumer electronics, in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), and spacecraft flight-control.

Your Technology Partner

Our engineering team has developed hundreds of mission-critical applications, and will leverage this collective knowledge and experience on your behalf. We specialize in Embedded Linux, Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS), Multicore/Multi OS and product development. Here’s where we can deliver the greatest value on your next project:

Embedded Linux

Building an embedded device? Embedded Linux offers a stable kernel, ability to modify source code, support from a large developer community, and no licensing fees.

Embedded Linux
  • Commercial and open source
  • Recipes, layers, settings
  • Boot loaders (u-boot, custom)
  • Linux bring-up
  • Device trees
  • Debugging
  • System optimization
  • Device drivers


For applications with tasks encompassing, fixed time constraints, like airlines reservation and air traffic control systems, Real-Time Operating Systems offer advantages.

  • QNX, FreeRTOS, uC/OS, Nucleus
  • Boot loaders (u-boot, custom, vendor-supplied)
  • Board Support Packages (BSPs)
  • Debugging
  • Device drivers (hardware)

Product Development

To help you build mission-critical applications, we offer expertise for every phase of your project, from hardware selection to software architecture development to project management.

Product Development
  • Hardware design/contract manufacturer coordination
  • Software architecture
  • Project management
  • Architecture studies/recommendations
  • Proof of Concept (POC)
  • Linux ↔ RTOS migration
  • Hardware migration (semiconductor vendor, processor family, etc.)


Found in everything from connected kitchen appliances to office equipment, MCUs are powering today’s “smart” revolution and transforming our relationship with technology.

  • Processor/MCU selection and system architecture
  • Embedded software development
  • Hardware and software integration
  • RTOS selection
  • Porting Linux, RTOS, BSP, bootloaders to new hardware

Multicore/Multi OS

Need to run multiple processes simultaneously? Multicore OS delivers superior performance for multitasking and power-hungry apps like those for video editing, 3D modeling or gaming.

Multicore/Multi OS
  • AMP/SMP architectures
  • Heterogeneous multicore architectures
  • OpenAMP
  • Multicore + FPGA

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By partnering with ICS, you’ll benefit from accelerated time to market, decreased development inefficiencies, diminished development risk, and cost savings from enhanced usability.

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