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The most successful touch devices appear deceptively simple to the user. In reality, they're highly complex and challenging to build because they require so many different skills. Not only does each device require custom hardware, a touchscreen, an operating system and web connectivity, these devices also require custom software. It's this software that usually makes the difference between winning and losing in the market.

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A Modern Approach to Product Development


Use UX to focus the development effort

Your UX design team creates a unique UI/UX for your device. Our rapid development tool then flows it directly from industry leading design tools resulting in a pixel-perfect interface.


Rely on a proven architecture

No need to reinvent the wheel — our architecture provides a framework of components common to all devices, allowing your team to focus on the core functionality that makes your product unique.


Quickly create a working prototype

An early working prototype allows you to quickly test usability and marketability to ensure you're building a product that is right for your customers. Nightly builds show iterative progress with clear product visibility for all stakeholders so your project stays on track.


Test, iterate and ship

Your working prototype is based on a solid framework and designed to grow. The tool's built-in device simulation allows testing on target and non-target hardware. With each sprint, your prototype evolves into the finished product.

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Our Approach Delivers Strong Results

Using our rapid development tool shrinks your product development risk while delivering high-quality software in less time and at lower cost than traditional development approaches.




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Rapid Development for Embedded Touch Devices

Our UX-focused approach, best-in-class layered software architecture, and rapid development tool allow you to quickly build better software. Check out this brief demo highlighting some key features.

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Our solution shrinks your software development risk while delivering results faster and at less cost than traditional approaches. Find out more in this webinar.

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