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You want to deliver your product as quickly as possible but don’t want to sacrifice functionality, code quality or flexibility, right? We have a proven solution to help you get to market quickly. Greenhouse by ICS is our unique low-code environment and specialized suite of development tools, which combine to rapidly generate high-quality Qt/QML code. With Greenhouse, we can expedite your project and reduce your development risk so you’re poised to capture market opportunities.

Join our Greenhouse 2.0 Beta program and help shape the future of embedded device development with Qt/QML.

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ICS helped us bring to life our vision to take the complicated task of welding automation and reduce this to an easy-to-use cobot experience for our end users. Not only did they impress us with their well-reasoned and exceptionally user-friendly interface design, ICS delivered in record time – allowing us to meet our hyper-ambitious deadline.

David Savage | Product Manager | Miller Electric Mfg, LLC
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About Greenhouse

As part of our rapid-development process, we’ve pre-built the key elements common to modern applications. This jumpstart gives you more time to focus your energies on creating the core functionality that makes your product unique. Greenhouse includes everything needed to quickly build a quality touch device.

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Best-in-Class Figma

Rapidly iterate to pixel-perfection by importing your UX design, including screen layouts, components, themes, and navigation, directly from Figma into Greenhouse.

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Reduce development risk with our simulator, which provides instant validation of your UI. This allows for early stakeholder review and helps you avoid issues caused by protracted hardware delays.

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Rely on Greenhouse’s proven layered architecture for a swift takeoff and quick ramp-up of additional resources. By keeping the layers well-defined and separated, Greenhouse saves dev time by minimizing the need for lengthy architecture-related discussions.

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Road-Tested Software

Focus on the core functionality that makes your product unique since we’ve already built the most common elements that applications need. That’s the essence of ICS’ development philosophy!

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Test Automation with

Ship with confidence thanks to Greenhouse’s rapid, codeless and reliable Squish tests. Greenhouse also incorporates a command line utility for integration into CI pipelines.

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Compress project schedules by generating documentation from your product data within Greenhouse. Start the process by conveniently generating your software architecture documentation or template.

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ICS has used Greenhouse on dozens of projects, from regulated medical devices to robotic industrial controls, with zero defects in generated code.

Our Development Approach Benefits Every Member of Your Project Team

UX Design Lead

UX Design Lead

With our unique development approach, which leverages popular design tools like Figma, collaborating with the engineering team is a breeze — and it ensures that your end product looks exactly like what your UX team designed.

Lead Developer

Lead Developer

Our rapid development tool, which works with familiar tools like Qt Design Studio and Qt Creator, automatically generates a proven device-optimized architecture. That means your developers can focus on core features without worrying about the look and feel of the UX.

Product Owner

Product Owner

With our rapid development approach, projects go from concept to working prototype in record time. With an earlier prototype, you can solicit market feedback during development and adjust to increase market penetration or outflank competitors.

Project Manager

Project Manager

Our approach eliminates the hardest part of the project so you can focus on what makes your device special. With daily builds, you can see your progress every step of the way.

Device Expert

Device Expert

You can focus on your area of specialization and on what makes your device unique — the features your customers most want — without having to worry about the software infrastructure.

Quality Manager

Quality Manager

Frequent releases and a built-in simulator showcase how the software works, providing peace of mind throughout the entire development process.

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