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Qt Professional Development Coaching Program

For Qt novices and seasoned Qt engineers alike, ongoing learning is paramount to success. ICS has established our coaching program to help organizations like yours strengthen their engineering teams and enhance their ability to build robust products that customers will love. Our coaching program features industry leading engineers who will share their global Qt project experience, explore the latest thinking on industry best practices, and personally coach your team to help your engineers add new skills.

  • Create better code & improve quality of work overall
  • More fully & quickly understand Qt & QML
  • Gain real-world insight into process improvements
  • Elevate skills IN developing intuitive touchscreen UIs

Our program begins with an in-depth, peer-to-peer meeting to learn about your unique situation and team-coaching needs. With this insight, we'll identify next steps and provide you with a more in-depth assessment if appropriate. From there, we'll recommend a coaching scenario that is best suited to your team.

Choose the Coaching Option that Suits Your Team

Coaching group

Full-time On-site Team Coach

An ICS coach will work at your facility alongside your team. This approach is perfect for teams that are ramping up and that intend to use Qt, as well as for centrally located teams whose members are working together for the first time. This type of engagement typically lasts 4-12 weeks.

Monthly On-site Coaching

In this scenario, an ICS coach will come to your facility for three days per month, with weekly video calls and unlimited email questions and responses in between visits. This option is popular among teams looking to make incremental improvements, as well as teams (with members primarily centrally located) that need to bring a few new members up to speed. This engagement typically lasts 3-9 months.

Remote Coaching

If you choose this option, an ICS coach will provide a video call with your team every other week and will be available via phone and email in between to answer specific questions. This is the best option for distributed teams or centralized teams that want the benefit of mentoring at a lower cost. This engagement typically lasts 3-12 months.

Additional Services

Your company may not need the type of coaching described above. Instead, perhaps you require more extensive training or simply want access to specialized QA or debugging skills. ICS has a solution for you! Our expansive engineering team offers expertise in a broad array of technologies and subspecialties to fulfill your specific needs.

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