Qt Professional Development Coaching Program

Anything worthwhile takes time. As with anything in life, no matter how good we are, we can always improve, learn and grow.

Engineering is no different. There is always something new to learn, even experts keep learning. ICS's Qt Professional Development Coaching Program brings industry leading engineers to share global Qt project experience and to personally coach your team. Whether you are a Qt novice or advanced Qt engineer, continually learning is paramount and there are times when having access to a knowledgeable Qt resource is all you need to succeed.

The program is designed to help your engineers:

  • Create better code
  • Gain a deeper understanding of Qt and QML
  • Provide real-world insight into potential process improvements for your team
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes your team to become proficient
  • Improve the quality of work
  • Create better touchscreen UIs for your customers

We can work with you in one of three ways, depending on your needs and team location:

Full-time On-site Team Coach – An ICS coach will work on-site, side by side, with you and your team. Teams typically select this option when they are ramping up and intending to use Qt or are a centrally located team working together for the first time. This type of engagement is typically 4-12 weeks.

Monthly On-site Coaching – In this scenario, an ICS coach will come on-site for 3 days per month, with weekly video calls and unlimited email questions and responses in between. Teams typically select this option when they are looking to make incremental improvements or need to bring a few new members up to speed and most of the team is centrally located. This engagement will typically last 3-9 months.

Remote Coaching – An ICS coach will provide a video call with your team every other week and will be available via phone and email in between for specific questions. This is the best option for distributed teams or centralized teams that want the benefit of mentoring, at a lower cost. This engagement will typically last 3-12 months.

Can anyone sign-up?

Although we would like to help every company, not every company needs coaching. Some require more extensive training. Some companies will need engineers to write code or want user experience (UX) designers and others will simply need more specialized QA or debugging skills. Whatever you require, we have a solution.

Our Approach

Based on an understanding of your unique situation, we want to know first, what you need.

After an extensive peer-to-peer meeting, we can assess the best next step and provide a more in-depth assessment if required.

From there, we can recommend a coaching scenario that is best for your team.

Engineering is about shared knowledge and constant and never ending improvement. This coaching program is a tool to help build a better engineering team at your company – so they can build better products. Don’t wait. Let’s build something, together.