A QML Quick Reference

A QML Quick Reference

By Jeff Tranter

I am a strong proponent of quick references or "cheat sheets" as an aid for recalling often-used information. In my career, I have created many work-related reference cards for colleagues and for my own personal use as well as for hobbies such as electronics and retro computing.

Last year I put together a one page double-sided QML quick reference. ICS gave out hardcopies of the quick reference to Qt Developer Days 2014 attendees in Berlin and San Francisco.

I recently updated it for the latest Qt 5.4.1 release. Printable Adobe Acrobat (PDF) versions in US Letter and A4 paper sizes can be downloaded using the links in the References section of this blog post. The reference does not cover all the QML modules, as the goal was to fit it all on one double-sided page. It does cover the most common QML modules, the basic QML syntax and types, command line options for the QML-related tools and QML environment variables.

A QML Quick Reference

I want to send kudos to the ICS graphic designer who was able to convert my raw content into a nicely formatted color document.

ICS may give out hardcopies of the reference again at some of our upcoming Qt events including the Qt 2015 World Summit North American Qt Roadshow. I would appreciate feedback on any errors you might find in the document or general comments on how to improve it. I hope you find the reference useful.

Update: This quick reference has now been updated to reflect the Qt 5.9 release.


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