Qt 5 Alpha Out, Raspberry Pi Shipping

By ICS | Monday, April 23, 2012

Work has been slowing down somewhat as Qt 5 has been firming up for release. The Qt 5 alpha came out on April 3rd and we tested our code with it. Work is moving ahead for a Qt 5 beta release and then the 5.0.0 final this summer.

Qt 4.8.1 also came out and we tested Cordova Qt with it. A 4.8.2 is expected in the next few weeks, indicating that Qt 4 is still actively being developed and is expected to do so for some time until Qt 5 is stable. Realistically I would expect many people to continue to use Qt 4 at least until Qt 5.1 is out, as some of the Qt Quick 2 C++ APIs will not be finalized until then. (Of course there are always very late adopters, there a still people using Qt 3!).

We've recently been focusing on testing using the Cordova tests. We'll post details on the Wiki about how to run the tests and the results we obtain.

The Raspberry Pi boards are now shipping in volume. They came a little too late to be of much use during most of this project but we will be looking at it as another Qt 5 reference platform. I got details today on how to redeem the voucher for the unit assigned to this project.

A webcast on "PhoneGap, Apache Cordova, and Qt" is now available at the ICS Network web site.




As I haven't found a way to make a new comment on Github, I will share the experiences that I have made when testing my app with the Qt port here.
I would also like to thank the people that made this project possible.
I have tested it on both Nokia N9 with PR1.2 and Nokia N8 with Belle.

1. When using the latest version on Github, I get the message "PhoneGap couldn't be initialized" when running the demo app provided on Github. So I'm using a slightly older version.

2. I can't get GPS to work. Even in the sample app it doesn't show any coordinates while I can see them fine in apps like "gpsmeefo". When I only start the sample app, I don't see the compass in the status bar which would indicate GPS activity. So there seems to be something wrong.

3. On Android when creating a new instance of FileWriter, it creates the file if it doesn't exist (e.g. var writer = new FileWriter(path + "/file.txt"); creates a textfile in the specified path), while with the Qt port (and on BB Playbook) I have to create the file manually.

Symbian only:
1. I had to remove all camera related things to compile it.

2. When starting the app in portrait mode, it isn't using full screen. That means you can see the app that is beneath it. A workaround that I have found is to change width and height for the webFlickable in "main.qml" to 640:
width: 640
height: 640
So it works in both portrait and landscape.

3. Apps don't start when there's no network connection (only show a black screen). This somehow defeats the purpose of a local app.

4. When long-pressing on the display, it shows a pop-up menu with options like "Inspect" or "Reload". Inspect will break the app. So disabling this menu would be much appreciated.

5. Alerts don't work.


Thanks for trying it out and reporting these issues. We'll definitely take a look and address them and/or document them if they are problems we can't currently resolve.


You know that ruby isn't needed anoryme?There is a java version of the ruby in the phonegap folder.Also take in mind, you that the andoid plugin for eclipse will bug the BB plugin (if you would want to use it).Also if you want to test on a device i recomend installing HTC sync (if debugging on a HTC device that is).Also, a lot of installation will bugg if you don't have a global variable called:ANDROID_SDK_HOME = %ANDROID_SDK%Just a heads up and a tip for other developers.