Qt 5 alpha release is imminent!

Qt 5 alpha release is imminent!

By ICS Development Team

In the past week or so we commited some more code for Contacts and Notification. Camera support has been submitted as a pull request.

We are doing some testing on Symbian with a Nokia E7 phone  as we haven't done much testing on Symbian up to now.

I updated the README.md file to better reflect the current status. I also added some links to the Wiki on Getting Started.

We posted a YouTube video of Wikipedia Mobile running on a Nokia N9 running Cordova Qt. This can be considered alpha quality. We ran into some issues with WebKit on Qt 4 on MeeGo Harmattan that we are investigating.We also ported one of our internal web applications that ran on Android using PhoneGap to Cordova for Qt.

The Qt 5 alpha slipped from it's planned release last week but appears to be getting close and we expect it will be out this week. We are eager to try it out and test our code with it. We've already checked in a few updates needed for recent changes in Qt 5.The details of the alpha release are here and information on Qt 5 in general is here.

The Qt 4.8.1 release is also expected shortly, hopefully this week.