Raspberry Pi at Qt Developer Days

By Jeff Tranter

We haven't blogged here for some time, in part because many of the folks at ICS have been very busy planning and preparing for the annual Qt Developer Days conferences in Berlin, Germany and Santa Clara, California.

We had some coverage of the Raspberry Pi and Qt at the recent Qt Developer Days in Santa Clara. I gave a presentation on Qt and the Raspberry Pi at the conference (which I also gave in Berlin) and hosted a Birds of a Feather Session on Raspberry Pi.

In the ICS booth we were showing a Qt 5-based touchscreen demonstration application running on a number of platforms including the Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Pi has been getting a lot of press coverage around the world. Our own Peter Mui was interviewed about the Raspberry Pi in this China Central Television segment.

Some recent production numbers indicate that the number of Raspberry Pi boards shipped is now more than 700,000 with the Sony factory in South Wales ramping up soon to 4,000 per day. The revision 2 boards now ship with 512MB of RAM and the lower cost ($25) Model A boards have also started being manufactured. By early next year year the one millionth board should be reached. It will be interesting to see what the impact will be of having this many users of this amazing little computer.