Repos Moving

Repos Moving

By ICS Development Team

This week we finished implementing some Cordova APIs (at least for the Qt 4 version). Compass and Accelerometer are done and some of Events was implemented. Notification is done as is most of File support and we are starting work on Contacts and Camera.

Note that I am going to start consistently using the name Cordova rather than Callback orPhoneGap for this project.

One of the team completed the demo code for the new Qt5 WebView that illustrates passing messages in both directions between the QML JavaScript and WebKit HTML/JavaScript environments. I also wrote a small C++ program to run it as a standalone program (basically a stripped down version of qmlscene). We noticed a dependency in QtWebKit on QWidgets. We're told that should be removed in the coming weeks. We're now working on the WebView implementation of our Cordova code.

I had a nice meeting with Anis Kadri at Adobe who works on Cordova and will be helping us on the project. We will be able to use his help on the non-Qt aspects of Cordova where we can really use his experience.

The Cordova repositories continue to be migrated to their new locations and just today the callback-qt repo on github was moved to I understand that this will be a mirror of the official repository that should appear under it is set up.

The team also did some legal paperwork to submit ICCLAs to the Apache Foundation so we can get commit access to the repositories.

Finally, on the Raspberry Pi front, they have now announced some dates for when first build of boards will be out of manufacturing. Boards should be finished on February 20th and they should be taking orders from the Raspberry Pi website at the end of February. It has been a long time coming, and like many people, we are anxious to get our hands on some of the boards.