Status Update

By ICS Development Team

The Raspberry Pi folks report that the first batch of production boards is finally in production. The first 10,000 units should start becoming available around the end of this month.

ICS should be getting a number of boards from this first batch which we will distribute among our developers.

The people that won boards in our booth at Qt Developer Days should also shortly be receiving vouchers to claim their boards.

Ten of the beta boards went up for auction on eBay as a fundraiser for the non-profit Raspberry Pi foundation. The first board sold was bought by an anonymous buyer and donated to the Computer Museum at the Centre for Computing History in the UK. While all the boards sold for over US$1,000, the most collectible board number 1 sold for GBP3,500 or more than US$5,300.

The proceeds of the eBay auction all went directly to the non-profit Raspberry Pi Foundation, so the auction was in the true spirit of open source development. We hope that the winners of the ICS giveaway boards will make good use of them to develop for and promote the Raspberry Pi platform.