ICS Showcases Multi-Touch, Qt Quick Application at MWC Barcelona

Bedford, MA – February 8, 2011 — Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS) will be showcasing in Nokia's booth at Mobile World Congress 2011 a multi-touch automotive infotainment system built using Qt Quick (QML).

Qt Quick (QML) delivers a new paradigm for design focused user interface development for consumer devices such as mobile phones, media players, netbooks and set-top boxes. Combining Qt Quick's ability to create pixel-perfect user interfaces with its ability to easily integrate with a C++ backend allows the developer to fully implement the graphic artist's vision quickly and fluidly.

To demonstrate this extraordinary new functionality, ICS presents a real world demonstration displaying real-time data from automotive control modules within a Qt Quick based user interface. This project highlights the seamless integration of ICS's User Experience Design Team with our Application Development Team to rapidly take projects from concept to completion.

Check out a demo here and Part 1 and Part 2 of Justin's MWC presentation detailing how the app was built.