ICS' Qt-based HMI Solution Now Supported on GENIVI GDP

Bedford, MA — October 20, 2015 — Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS), a global organization headquartered in Bedford, MA USA, is proud to announce that its Qt®-based HMI Solution is now supported on the GENIVI® Demo Platform (GDP). GENIVI is a non-profit industry alliance committed to driving the broad adoption of specified, open source, In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) software.
ICS’ HMI solution was originally built to display the power and functionality of Intel® In-Vehicle Solutions. Designed by ICS’ internal User Experience (UX) team, the system showcases its core features, impressive graphics capabilities and ease of use.
The newly updated HMI is compatible with GENIVI’s Wayland IVI extension and utilizes GENIVI components for Layer Management, making it compatible with most navigation solutions. The system was built using Qt components, such as media and video players, which ICS developed specifically for the automotive industry.
ICS’ ViewPoint automotive Virtual Reality (VR) display server is the first to integrate a full three- dimensional digital cluster simulation, interfacing the multimedia functionality and VR in-cockpit experience.  
"ICS' HMI solution integration into the GDP is one of the main reasons GENIVI created the GDP,” said Steve Crumb, executive director, GENIVI Alliance. "This is a wonderful accomplishment and we look forward to other companies following ICS’ lead to use the GDP as an integration and innovation target for their GENIVI solutions."
“As part of our innovative HMI automotive solution, ICS is excited to announce our support of the GENIVI GDP,” said Mark Hatch, COO of Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. “The GDP’s flexible architecture, combined with the Qt automotive components we have developed, allow for a powerful and adaptable IVI platform. The UX is primed for customization for pre-production development or a product specific platform and the GDP itself is just one example how the GENIVI Alliance is leading the way in setting an open standard for automotive infotainment.”
ICS’ HMI technology will be available for preview at the GENIVI 13th All Member Meeting & AMM Open Days from Oct 20-23, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea.

About ICS

ICS provides integrated custom software development and UX design for touchscreen, embedded, mobile and desktop applications. Headquartered in Bedford Massachusetts, with offices in California and Canada, ICS is the largest source of independent Qt expertise worldwide. We deliver advanced technology solutions for leading companies across multiple industries. More info on ICS’ IVI services is available at www.ics.com/ivi.
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Integrated Computer Solution's (ICS) HMI Solution is now supported on the GENIVI® Demo Platform (GDP)