Computer requirements for Programming with Qt for Embedded Devices Training Course

The class will use a VirtualBox image running Ubuntu 18 as a guest operating system. Qt and Qt Creator will be pre-installed in the image, so there is no need to install them directly. ICS will provide a USB pen drive with the VirtualBox guest image. To save class time on the first day, participants must download and install VirtualBox version 6, and the VirtualBox extensions (

Participants will need a modern laptop (supported OS: Windows 7 or newer, MacOS X 7 or newer). Ubuntu Linux is supported and other Linux versions should be tested prior to arriving at the class.  

The laptop must as a minimum have a Core i5 processor, 4 GB of RAM and 30 GB of free disk space, USB, and a working Ethernet jack. Participants may also bring an Ethernet adapter if their device does not have an Ethernet jack.

Please note that most Windows tablets and two-in-ones will not be sufficient to run the VirtualBox image and that most Windows tablets do not have Ethernet connectors which are mandatory to connect with the Raspberry Pi3 board during the class.