Hardware & Computer Requirements for Building an Embedded Application with Qt

Hardware Requirements:Raspberry Pi

  1. RaspberryPi 4B, 2GB or 4GB (preferred) Single board computer
  2. MicroSD card that is at least 4GB in size
  3. Card reader for MicroSD card
  4. Power adapter for the respective Raspberry Pi chosen
  5. Network cable to plug the RPi into your home network or computer
  6. One of the following:

**HDMI Touch Screen Examples:


7. A Breadboard Kit with the following components: 

  • 1x Breadboard (full size)
  • 6x buttons
  • 1x Active Buzzer
  • Wire / breadboard jumpers etc.
  • 9 Male to Female Dupont Cables

Example: https://www.amazon.com/REXQualis-Electronics-tie-Points-Breadboard-Potentiometer/dp/B073ZC68QG

8. The Raspberry Pi and the host computer must be on the same network. The Pi should be connected through the wired network.

9. Computer Requirements:

The class will use a VirtualBox image running a Linux Distro as a guest operating system. Qt and Qt Creator will be pre-installed in the image, so there is no need to install them directly. ICS will provide the VirtualBox guest image. Participants must download and install VirtualBox version 7.x, and the VirtualBox extensions. The Development Image will require a minimum of 2GB or RAM and 30 GB of disc space. We Recommend you provide 4(+) Cpu cores and 4GB of RAM to the VM to speed up build times during the class.