ICS & Intel® In-Vehicle Solutions (IVI) Proof of Concept

The Technology Inside:

This whitepaper explores the technology and methodologies used to develop a sophisticated IVI proof-of-concept for Intel. ICS achieved this using Intel’s high-performance hardware and middleware platform, tight integration between Intel and ICS engineers and our internal UX design team within an agile environment.

Read how developing a powerful graphical user interface using this stack can provide future forward products for today and tomorrow. This paper reveals:

  • How to design, develop and deliver your IVI project today – into tomorrow

  • How the Qt/QML framework allows for the same code base to integrate easily, allows for flexibility and a decreased need for testing while delivering powerful efficient applications - quickly

  • Tips how to expand and adapt the product to changing market needs without having to start over

  • How to save development time and costs – while getting to market faster