Intel® ISA-L Whitepapers

The Intel® Intelligent Storage Acceleration Library ( Intel® ISA-L) is an algorithmic library that enables Storage OEMs to obtain better performance from Intel CPUs and reduce developer investment in developing their own optimizations. Intel ISA-L provides tools to maximize storage throughput, security, and resilience, as well as minimize disk space usage. 

ICS wrote four benchmark applications and contributed technical research that Intel used to highlight the capabilities of Intel® ISA-L in several whitepapers. Learn about the library's set of highly optimized functions for RAID, Erasure Code, CRC, cryptographic hash, encryption, and compression in these whitepapers.

Intel® ISA-L: Semi-Dynamic Compression Algorithms

Intel® ISA-L: Cryptographic Hashes for Cloud Storage

Intel® ISA-L: Erasure Code and Recovery (Code Sample)

Intel® ISA-L: Fast memcpy with SPDK and Intel® I/OAT DMA Engine