Real Beauty, Real Time with QNX and Qt

Creating Modern User Experiences with QNX and Qt

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This free full-day workshop will provide Engineering Architects, Program Managers and Developers a thorough understanding of the entire development process using QNX and Qt, transforming a “napkin sketch” into working code on a device running a real-time embedded operating system. It will not only help you plan your projects, it will also make sure that they get started right and avoid the common pitfalls of working with a new platform.

Whether you're developing a medical device or another application with QNX, this course bridges the gap between the hardware and software of embedded devices using a TI AM335x Starter Kit as the instructional platform. You will learn how to write a working touchscreen application built in C++ and Qt, and install it on this device. You’ll also learn how to create the software development environment, as well as debug and tune your applications in an embedded environment.

Participants of this full-day workshop receive a complete touchscreen development system — both hardware and software — which includes:

  • ARM based, touchscreen display integrated hardware (the TI TMDSSK3358 - AM335x Starter Kit, see details here)
  • QNX-Neutrino Board Support Package (BSP) with corresponding SD card OS image (30-day evaluation license)*
  • Ubuntu-based Virtualbox image with QNX Momentics (30-day evaluation license)* and Qt-Creator IDE (Integrated Development Environments) pre-installed

The workshop is FREE! The TI Starter Kit hardware will be available to borrow or purchase for the workshop.**

During the workshop, participants will use TI Starter Kits for:

  • booting QNX and getting comfortable working with the TI integrated board / touch screen system.
  • seeing how the QNX microkernel architecture provides a reliable, safe, and blazingly fast underlying operating environment
  • developing a real-life application using the Qt SDK to create elegantly crafted and snappily animated touch-enabled user interfaces
  • measuring and tuning performance with the QNX Momentics development tool suite

The basics of Qt and Qt Quick will be explained using a real-life application as a template. Participants will transform their “napkin sketch” into a user interface concept. They will have the opportunity to develop the concept into working code resulting in an application implemented with Qt and Qt Quick that runs on the QNX-based touchscreen device. Advanced performance monitoring of the resulting application will be demonstrated using tools provided by the QNX Momentics tool suite.

Hardware Requirement: Bring your Laptop (Core I5 or better, 4Gig memory, 20Gig free drive space, Ethernet Jack required), Windows 10 OS (Mac-OSX and Linux un-supported but possible, bring those at your own risk.) Tablets such as iPads, Galaxy Tabs and Windows Tablets will not work.

* The 30 day commercial evaluation license is subject to the terms and conditions outlined here .
** The fee to purchase a board is $159 +tax with payment by check or credit card at the event — this is a 25% discount off list price. If the number of participants exceeds the number of available boards we reserve the right to share boards between multiple participants.