Special Topics in Qt and UX

We'll Cover a Variety of Specialized Qt and UX Topics

Registration and continental breakfast will begin at 8:30 and we will wrap up by 5:00.

  • Raspberry Pi and Qt

    This presentation introduces the Raspberry Pi, a low cost computing platform. It also discusses how it can be used as a development platform for Qt.
  • C++11 and Qt

    This presentation gives an overview of the latest version of the C++ programming language standard, C++11. Code examples of selected language features and descriptions of how Qt currently makes use of C++ 11 features will be provided.
  • Introduction to Qt Creator

    Qt Creator is a cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE) tailored to the needs of Qt developers. This presentation shows how to get started using Qt Creator for Qt development in C++.
  • Qt WebKit

    This presentation will give an introduction to Qt's WebKit module, a web browser component and rendering engine. It will cover Qt's WebKit APIs and discuss how to use it from applications including hybrid applications that combine native code and web-based content.
  • Best Practices for Qt Localization

    In today's global economy, localization - the process of adapting software for a specific region or language - is becoming increasingly important. This presentation covers the best practices for localization with Qt, from the basics to some more advanced topics. You'll see how Qt makes it easy to localize your application.
  • Effective QML

    This talk will discuss various topics in the area of Qt 5 and Qt Quick 2, including QML, for people who want to do rapid GUI development on devices with touchscreens as well as desktops. As with any new technology, QML best practices and tricks of the trade are just being discovered by programmers and designers. This presentation will be a collection of solutions to problems that ICS engineers have encountered in the past as they were building their own applications.
  • Exporting C++ Models to QML

    This presentation will show how to export C++ models to QML for use with Qt Quick views such as ListView. A small application is created in two ways. Topics will include creating a "struct" with QObject, subclassing QAbstractListModel, adding a JavaScript interface to the model and nesting models.
  • Applying the UX Process

    This session will provide an introduction to what goes into creating a world-class user experience (UX) from the ground up. However, that doesn't mean what most software engineers think it does! The key is to focus first on the user, not on the software itself. An overview of the UX process will be presented, including the preparation of user personas, user stories and how to conduct guerrilla user testing.
  • UX Patterns and Principles

    Having a fully stocked toolbox does not make one a carpenter, nor does mastery of the Qt toolkit automatically make one able to craft high-quality user interfaces. UX Designers have skills that are more focused on the "what" of the system, while developers learn the "how" part. Both sides having an understanding of the other provides best results. This session will focus on aspects of the UX process that are similar but different to what is done in software: user interface patterns vs. design patterns, color theory and universal design principles.