C++ for non-C Programmers

This is intended for students who have programming experience in a modern programming language and require an introduction to the C++ programming language.

Course Prerequisites

One year of programming experience using a modern programming language.

NOTE: Students whose only experience is with COBOL or with scripting languages (e.g. HTML, XML, JavaScript) should first take an introductory course in C before taking a course in C++.

Course Outline

  • Program Definition
  • What is a Type
  • Statements Arrays Pointers
  • References
  • Read Only Scope
  • Function
  • Overloaded Function, Header Files
  • Class
  • Attribute
  • Operation
  • Object I/O
  • Constructors
  • Destructors & Adding an Attribute to a Class
  • Associations
  • Optional Associations
  • Many Associations
  • Aggregation Inheritance
  • Overriding Substitutability
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstract Class
  • Overloaded Operator, Stream File I/O