QML Programming — Fundamentals and Beyond

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Whether you're new to QML or already an expert, our free training course will help you fill in any knowledge gaps and provide an opportunity to get your questions answered.

In this course we’ll examine the basics of QML and explore how QML and C++ interact. We’ll also show you how to dynamically manage objects in QML, as well as manage multi-touch gestures. And we'll provide coding demonstrations and more advanced tips for working with QML. 


Session 1: Introduction to QML

  • About QML
  • Properties
  • Basic Types

Session 2: QML Item Placement

  • How to correctly size and place items
  • When to use Anchors, Layouts and Positioners

Session 3: Touch Interaction

  • QML Signals
  • Touch Events
  • Single and Multi-Touch
  • Swipe and Pinch Gestures

Session 4: States & Transitions

  • Creating and defining states
  • Using Transitions

Session 5: Custom Items & Components

  • Creating your own Components
  • Creating a Module

Session 6: Model / View

  • Model / View
  • QML Models
  • QML Views

Session 7: C++ Integration

  • Why expose C++ to QML
  • Exposing C++ Objects
  • Exposing C++ Classes

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