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Consumers not only expect an intuitive and beautiful device with unparalleled performance, they also expect a responsive touch with seamless transitioning between screens for a positive customer experience. Product companies must be able to adapt quickly to market requirements to maintain a competitive advantage. 

Qt, the leading independent technology for cross-platform development, is the leading choice for software developers with touchscreen user interface needs. These complimentary ICS Webinars are dedicated to providing you with educational content that will enhance your Qt programming, helping you to future proof your products and applications and connect to what is to come!


There are currently no upcoming webinars.


Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) Processing on Edge Devices

In this joint webinar with Au-Zone Technologies we will discuss development challenges and solutions that can be used to enable AI/ML at the edge to implement object detection, classification and tracking for medical and industrial use cases, as well as visualization techniques for activity monitoring and object detection.

Communication Patterns for Distributed Services

This webinar will leverage ZeroMQ, an embeddable networking library that acts like a concurrency framework, and present established communication patterns to solve different tasks, from IPC to P2P and from pub-sub to gossip networks. After a brief introduction to ZeroMQ, we’ll discuss a variety of common communication problems and study potential  solutions for each using vivid examples. We’ll also show you how to best integrate these solutions with our Qt codebase.

Machine Learning in Medical Devices

Medical device manufactures are always looking for ways to improve their products while keeping the patients and users safe. Using Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI/ML) as a way of optimizing a patient’s therapy or diagnosis while beneficial, can introduce challenges that make it hard to comply with HIPAA rules. Join ICS and BlackBerry QNX for this webinar where we'll outline the key strategies and illustrate how manufacturers can pursue these advanced technologies while balancing the needs of safety with this new paradigm.

Introduction to the Qt Quick Scene Graph

Interacting with the Qt Quick scene graph is a good bonus skill for any Qt developer to have. In this introductory webinar we will present this component: a graphical representation of the Item scene and an alternative method to QML coding. Proper use of the underlying scene graph can save performance at runtime. We will explore how to interact with the scene graph through a simple example and suggest when it is appropriate to use.

Software Development Best Practices: Separating UI from Business Logic

In this webinar we’ll explain not only what’s involved in separating the UI from business logic in your next Qt project, but explore some of the key benefits of this approach.

Accelerating MedTech Product Development with UX and Human Factors Engineering

This webinar will be delivered jointly with our partners, human factors experts at UserWise, and will answer the questions: what is Human Factors Engineering and why is it important?

Introducing GreenHouse: Rapid Development for Embedded Touch Devices

In this webinar, we’ll introduce you to GreenHouse by ICS and describe in detail its UX-focused approach and best-in-class layered software architecture. GreenHouse shrinks your product development risk while delivering high-quality software in less time and at lower cost than traditional development approaches. Find out how GreenHouse can support and empower your software team!

The Ins and Outs of GPIO Programming

This webinar will introduce you to GPIO (General-Purpose Input/Output) programming on embedded systems.

How Do I Make That in QML?

If you've found yourself asking this recently, this webinar is for you! In this webinar, we'll focus on writing controls and walk through a set of 17 QML controls made "from scratch" i.e. from QML primitives e.g. Item, Rectangle, Text, etc. 

Lockless Producer Consumer Threads: Asynchronous Communications Made Easy

In ICS’ latest technical webinar Justin Noel will teach you how to leverage Qt's cross thread communications systems to marshall data to and from communications threads using QThreads (or threads owned by third party libraries.)