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Consumers not only expect an intuitive and beautiful device with unparalleled performance, they also expect a responsive touch with seamless transitioning between screens for a positive customer experience. Product companies must be able to adapt quickly to market requirements to maintain a competitive advantage. 

Qt, the leading independent technology for cross-platform development, is the leading choice for software developers with touchscreen user interface needs. These complimentary ICS Webinars are dedicated to providing you with educational content that will enhance your Qt programming, helping you to future proof your products and applications and connect to what is to come!


There are currently no upcoming webinars.


Qt for Python

This webinar presents the official set of bindings to use Qt's API in your Python application. Using real examples, we will not only implement a beautiful UI, we'll illustrate how it interacts with your regular Python business logic.

An Introduction to CMake

In this webinar we'll introduce you to CMake, covering its basic features and how to use it, showing some CMake configurations including Qt-based applications.

Software Interface Design for Medical Devices: Enhancing Patient Outcomes and Minimizing Device Recalls

We explore the role of poor design in medical errors, software design as a cause of device recalls, relevant international standards and FDA regulations.

Basics of Model/View Qt Programming

In the final webinar in our summer series we will illustrate how the Model/View/Controller design pattern fits in Qt applications, specifically with the item-view objects. We'll present them, the model classes, and how they both interact. The concept will be demonstrated through a Napster/iTunes-like download manager.

Meet the Widgets: Another Way to Implement UI

In this webinar (Part IV) we explore how to implement UI and UI behavior with traditional widgets as opposed to QML. As we create a simple widgets applications we will point out the differences with Qt Quick and give rules of thumb of which one to use for a particular project.

Fun with QML

In part III of our Qt for Beginners Summer Webinar Series, we will create fun user interfaces using QML, specifying UI and UI behavior. Our QML user interface will also fully interact with our C++ business logic. 

Accelerate Time to Market by Pipelining UX with Development

In this two-part webinar series we'll share real-world success stories highlighting projects we've designed and built using a pipelining approach, as well as show you what it means to integrate pipelining into your own product development process. 

QVariant, QObject: Qt's not just for GUI development

In part II of our Qt for Beginners Summer Webinar Series we will explore how Qt is so much more than just a GUI toolkit. Through two classes, QObject and QVariant, Qt brings us introspection, makes it easier to manage memory in C++ and makes it easier to decouple classes. 

So I Downloaded Qt, Now What?

ICS is excited to bring you our summer webinar series that will introduce you to the Qt framework. In part I we will cover the steps of getting you started with your first Qt application. We will explore how to start a project, how to build, where to find answers when you need them, what license issues you need to be aware of, and mostly how to have fun with it.

Maximizing High-Performance Applications with CAN Bus

This brand-new ICS webinar offers an introduction to CAN Bus, and is directed at developers with no previous experience with CAN Bus or related technologies.