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QML Programming — Fundamentals and Beyond
Free Live Virtual Training

To minimize any disruptions due to COVID-19 — and to help improve your project performance — QML Programming - Fundamentals and Beyond is now available online via virtual training. We've broken the course into seven sessions spread out over the next several weeks. Join us for each live session or take the course on-demand at your own pace.  Fill in any knowledge gaps and get your QML questions answered by our top trainers. 

Accelerate Time to Market by Pipelining UX with Development 

In this half-day workshop, we’ll share real-world success stories highlighting projects we’ve designed and built using a pipelining approach, as well as show you what it means to integrate pipelining into your own product development process.

You’ll learn:

  • The Why, What and Who of User Experience Design
  • What it means to ‘pipeline’ development with UX design
  • How a pipelining approach gets to you market faster
  • Evolution of the pipelining approach
  • Best practices for making this approach work in an Agile environment
  • How to champion UX design within your organization

Tips & Tricks for Using All of Qt's Power

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Qt is for more than just building a great UX.  At these complimentary seminars you will learn about what's new in Qt 5.6 and how to most effectively develop with Qt while networking with fellow developers and experts in your area. Managers can also learn about best practices for managing Qt-based projects. 

Developing Powerful Embedded Applications with Qt and HTML 5

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Do you want to create a powerful and compelling application that your users will actually like to use? Having trouble getting your designer's mock-ups translated to 'pixel-perfect' in your final application? Come and learn the different approaches to creating rich, touch-enabled UIs with Qt, QML and HTML5. We'll explore the benefits of each approach and discuss when it makes sense to use a combination of tools. This one day course will cover various topics on Qt, Qt Quick (QML) and HTML 5, plus UX best practices for students who want to do rapid GUI development on embedded devices. The course will include many code examples and we'll end the day with practical UX tips and best practices that you can begin implementing in your applications today.

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Real Beauty, Real Time with QNX and Qt

Creating Modern User Experiences with QNX and Qt

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This full-day workshop will provide Engineering Architects, Program Managers and Developers a thorough understanding of the entire development process using QNX and Qt, transforming a “napkin sketch” into working code on a device running a real-time embedded operating system. It will not only help you plan your projects, it will also make sure that they get started right and avoid the common pitfalls of working with a new platform.

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Special Topics in Qt and UX

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We'll Cover a Variety of Specialized Qt and UX Topics

Topics will include:

  • Raspberry Pi and Qt
  • C++11 and Qt
  • Introduction to Qt Creator
  • Qt WebKit
  • Best Practices for Qt Localization
  • Effective QML
  • Exporting C++ Models to QML
  • Applying the UX Process
  • UX Patterns and Principles

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