Join ICS at READY Robotics Launch Event

At ICS we strive to deliver exceptional usability for all the products we develop. We partner with companies like READY Robotics that share our mission. That’s why we’re excited about the upcoming launch of READY’s Forge/OS 5, an intuitive platform for controlling robots. Built with Qt, Forge/OS 5 provides a common operating system and programming interface for industrial and collaborative robots from many of the top OEMs.



READY and ICS have a natural synergy as our customers look to expand their robotic footprint. As the complexity of deployments increase, there is often a need for extended user interfaces and integrated software plugins. Whether you are looking for dashboards, companion applications, cloud integration or other extensions of Forge/OS capabilities, we can support those efforts thanks to our Qt expertise and early access to the platform.

We hope you’ll join us in attending READY’s livestream launch event on May 11! Sign up here.