April 2016

  April 2016 Qt for Beginners

Qt for Beginners Webinar Series – Starting April 21, 1:00 PM EDT

ICS is pleased to bring you this introductory four part webinar series that will familiarize students with the Qt framework. In each webinar, one of our seasoned engineers will give an overview of a specific aspect of the Qt framework ranging from key concepts, widgets, QML and more. This series is great for anyone new to Qt or in need of a refresher. Register Now >>

  Media Manager Blog


A Media Manager for Automotive Infotainment – Four Part Blog Series
ICS has experience building in-vehicle-infotainment (IVI) systems and inflight entertainment (IFE) systems for international airlines, and recently, we created a media manager for use in automobiles. Our team came up with an interesting architecture that addresses many of the vexing issues with existing IVI solutions. This blog series tells the story. Read More >>

  Media Manager Webinar   Webinar: The Making of an Automotive IVI Media Manager – May 12, 1:00 PM EDT
Join Roland Krause as he explores the making of ICS's new, open source Auto IVI Media Manager and explains the design rationale for our implementation. He will discuss the architectural framework of the Media Manager and address the many challenges inherent when creating an intelligent automotive media manager. Register Now >>
Welcome to the April edition of the ICS newsletter, where we continue our educational theme with a new upcoming four part webinar series, Qt for Beginners. This complimentary series is geared toward Qt newcomers or for anyone in need of a refresher. I will kick off the series and each webinar thereafter will provide an overview of a specific aspect of the Qt framework. We also have more to come within the automotive IVI sector as ICS has developed open source code for IVI Media Manager development. We introduce you to our innovative Media Manager in a series of blog posts leading up to our participation next week at GENIVI AMM in Paris. We will then round it out with a Media Manager webinar scheduled in May. Finally, I wish to direct you to the many informational blogs, on demand webinar replays and upcoming training across the US to continue our support of the Qt ecosystem. We hope you benefit from all of our material and invite you to explore and attend!

Jeff Tranter

Jeff Tranter
Senior Qt Consulting Manager
ICS, Inc.

Render to Texture: Fixed Function vs. Modern OpenGL
In the last OpenGL blog series, John Stone talked about texturing, lighting and geometry in regards to porting fixed function OpenGL to Modern OpenGL. While it covered the basic features in OpenGL programs, it left out a lot of advanced techniques that your fixed-function code may have used. In this blog, he speaks to one of those advanced features, render-to-texture. Read More >>
  Effective QML

Effective QML Training Bedford, MA,
May 4 - 6

Join us for 3 amazing days. If you can dream it, we can build it, together. Most engineers find that a hands-on approach is one of the best ways to learn. Gather up your colleagues and join us in Bedford, MA on May 4 - 6 to get real-world experience using QML, a collection of technologies that can build modern interfaces for applications - quickly. Enroll Now >>>
  8 Golden Rules

Eight Golden Rules: Rule 6 – Permit Easy Reversal of Actions
The ICS UXD Team continues it series, Eight Golden Rules for Success in UX Design. In this blog, we take a look at the sixth rule of Ben Shneiderman's Eight Golden Rules of Interface Design. This rule is for designers to permit easy reversal of actions. As much as possible, actions should be reversible and UX designers can anticipate and design for actions to create a better user experience. Read More >>
  MRAA on the Raspberry Pi

Getting Started with MRAA on the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is one of the more popular low cost computers offering essentially the same functionality as a full desktop at a fraction of the cost. It also has a set of (GPIO) pins which allow sensors to connect. In this blog post, we will explore Intel’s MRAA, a library to simplify connections and more. Read More >>
  Internet of Things   Qt Blog: Qt and the Internet of Things – Part 2 
This is the second installment of this blog series on Qt and the Internet of Things. In this post, we will look at some of the popular hardware platforms for IoT, mention a few of the key protocols, hardware technologies and software frameworks and discuss some of the areas where IoT is relevant to Qt. We'll finish up with a discussion of some of the risks, challenges and criticisms. Read More >>
  QML 5.6.0   QML 5.6.0 Updated Quick Reference 
Back by popular demand, get the newly updated QML "cheat sheet" for the latest Qt 5.6.0 release. This new chart covers the most common QML modules, the basic QML syntax and types, command line options for the QML-related tools and QML environment variables. Download Now >>
  Qt for Desktops   Programming with Qt for Desktops
– Silicon Valley, CA, May 16 - 20

Curious engineers are always learning. If you or your colleagues are in or around Silicon Valley, please join us for this 5 day workshop May 16 - 20 for some practical real-world experience using Qt. You will learn all the essentials to get started with Qt. Come, learn from our experience. Enroll Now >>

Upcoming Events

      Qt World Summit 2016 – San Francisco, CA, October 18 - 20
Save the Date!

ICS will be a key sponsor at the Qt World Summit which is returning to San Francisco, CA for its 13th occurrence. Leading technology innovators, industry experts, startups, and device creators will share their insight on the future of cross-platform application development. Learn More >>

      Programming with Qt for Embedded Devices – Virginia / DC, June 27 - July 1
This 5 day course focuses on developing modern applications for embedded systems and touchscreens using Qt and Qt Quick. Utilizing real development boards with touchscreens, this course introduces students to working with embedded touchscreen systems. Enroll Now >>