April 2017

ICS Newsletter - April 2017

Live Webinar: Automotive Media Management in Future IVI Systems, April 26, 1 pm EDT

In this webinar we will outline an architecture for automotive media management that addresses the challenges of having media in a multitude of forms that originate from many disparate sources, as well as demonstrate a Qt-based implementation. Register Now >>

Welcome to ICS' April Newsletter

This month we have several activities centered around automotive infotainment. Even if your application is not in the automotive / transportation industry, I invite you to attend my webinar tomorrow on media management in future IVI systems. This technology is relevant to a wide range of applications, including any that provide for the replay of videos or music. If you are in the UK, come see us at the GENIVI All Member Meeting and Community Days, May 9-11 in Birmingham where we will be demonstrating some of our latest IVI solutions. Finally, check out our many blogs, webinars and courses on Qt, OpenGL and user experience to help with your development efforts.

Roland Krause, Director of Engineering, ICS

GENIVI All Member Meeting & Community Days

May 9 – 11, Birmingham, UK
ICS will once again be a silver sponsor demonstrating our latest IVI solutions at the Showcase Reception Event on May 10. With significant portions of the event open to the public, your organization can greatly benefit even if you are not a GENIVI member. Learn More >>

State-of-the-Art OpenGL with Qt

May 8 – 12, Sunnyvale, CA
This hands-on course provides an introduction to modern OpenGL using programmable shader pipelines. It introduces the use of the Qt framework for infrastructure and support to quickly achieve highly efficient and visually appealing, state-of-the-art, interactive graphics applications. Enroll Now >>

Lessons in UX Design for Non-Designers

Director of User Experience Jeff LeBlanc tackles questions raised in ICS' recent webinar UX Design for Software Engineers. Read More >>

Run Ubuntu Linux on Windows with This One Weird Trick

Like working in Linux but have to use Windows? Try WSL. It offers a Linux-like environment on Windows, including the ability to run scripts and tools. Read More >>

eBook: Accelerating Product Innovation with the Right Development Team

Product development is a risky endeavor. Planning for the unknowns, assembling the right team and hitting the market while opportunity still exists are all critical to the success of any project. Our latest ebook offers tips intended to point you in the right direction as you innovate. Download Now >>

Intel® ISA-L Whitepapers

ICS wrote four benchmark applications and contributed technical research that Intel used to highlight the capabilities of Intel® ISA-L in several whitepapers. Download Now >>

Is It Easy to Interact with Your Content?

People are busy. Distracted. To get them to engage with your content, make it easy to consume by leveraging your digital ecosystem. Read More >>

Upcoming Events

Connected Car California, April 25, Santa Clara, CA

Roland Krause, Engineering Director and Software Architect behind ICS' components for automotive offerings, has been invited to speak on in-vehicle infotainment in the connected car at Connected Car California. The conference brings together over 300 key stakeholders to discuss technologies and trends shaping the evolution of the connected car. Learn More >>

Live Webinar, Porting Motif Applications to Qt, May 25, 1 pm EDT

Motif has been a popular toolkit for developing graphical desktop applications. There are a number of reasons to migrate these applications to newer platforms. We'll look at scenarios, strategies and general advice for porting Motif applications to Qt, based on the wide experience ICS has gained over many Motif-to-Qt conversion projects. Learn More >>

Programming with Qt for Desktops, June 5 – 9, Sunnyvale, CA

This is a five-day, in-depth introduction to Qt programming, primarily focused on using Qt Widgets and associated development tools, such as Qt Designer and Qt Creator. Students will experience the challenges of cross-platform development with exercises that involve porting applications from Windows to MacOS (or vice versa). Enroll Now >>