February 2016

  February 2016 OpenGL Fixed Function to Shader

Upcoming Webinar: OpenGL Fixed Function to Shaders

OpenGL and OpenGL/ES are 3D graphics APIs that transitioned from the fixed-function programming model into the shader-based programming model. Join ICS on March 10 when we will compare and contrast old fixed-functionality and explore its modern replacement while reviewing these specific areas: Porting fixed-function OpenGL to modern OpenGL, vertex attribute data, rendering and 3D mathematics. Live Webinar >>

  State-of-the-art training  

Training: State-of-the-Art OpenGL and Qt  — Silicon Valley, CA
April 11-15
Join us for this 5-day combination lecture and lab training that will provide an introduction to modern OpenGL using programmable shader pipelines. It introduces the use of the Qt framework for infrastructure and support to quickly achieve highly efficient and visually appealing, state-of-the-art, interactive graphics applications. Enroll Now >>

  UXD experts   Join ICS and XD Experts for Adobe's Future of Experience Design (XD) Panel  - Live Streaming Available
Now more than ever, there is a focus on Experience Design (XD). Users are evaluating not just the product or service, but also the experience itself. Designers must develop new strategies, plus account for an ever-increasing influx of new devices and interfaces. Hosted by Adobe, a dynamic panel discussion is being held in San Francisco on Feb 24, featuring designers and XD experts from companies like IDEO, Pinterest, Google and Amazon on what they believe the keys are to great experiences. ICS’s Don Goetz, Senior UX Designer, was invited to be a panelist for this intelligent and lively discussion about the future of Experience Design. Live Event >>
In this edition of the ICS newsletter, you will note a lot of emphasis on OpenGL. For developers looking to update legacy code to modern OpenGL, Qt has a lot to offer. ICS's webinars, blogs and especially our training courses will give you a jumpstart for your 2016 projects.

A subject of increasing importance to our customers is the notion of adopting legacy graphics applications, from large scale network visualizations to real-time graphing. When thinking about adopting, upgrading and converting code to create modern and appealing 2D and 3D applications many Qt developers are choosing Qt and OpenGL or Qt3D.

Over the past years ICS has made investments in the area of graphics development — we have added OpenGL and Direct3D experts and increased our UX team with designers that have worked on State-of-the-Art 3D projects. We have also developed a very attractive five-day training course that not only introduces Modern OpenGL but does so in the context of Qt and the SDK's fantastic support for developing graphics applications.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our trainings or webinars.

Dr. Roland Krause
Engineering Director, ICS

Fixed-Function to Modern OpenGL
(Part 1)

In this first of a four part blog series, we outline differences between Fixed-Function OpenGL with Modern OpenGL and show effective solutions for common issues encountered when porting your code to Modern OpenGL. Read More >>
  Internet of Things

Qt and the Internet of Things (Part 1)
Gartner, Inc. described the Internet of Things (IoT) as “a powerful force for business transformation and its disruptive impact will be felt across all industries and all areas of society.” What exactly is IoT? In this first blog post of a series, ICS’s Jeff Tranter will explore what IoT is and is not and how it will impact you, the software developer. Read More >>
  Eight golden rules

Eight Golden Rules: Rule 1 – Strive for Consistency
Over the years, we’ve learned that engineers were interested not only in the nuts-and-bolts of building a user interface UI using Qt, but they were hungry to learn more about building a better one. In this blog series, the ICS UX Team will provide some good advice that has helped them along the way. We open here with the need for consistency. This is a fundamental principle that transcends throughout the world of design. Read More >>
  Programming with Qt for Desktops

Programming with Qt for Desktops Training – Bedford, MA
Join us in Bedford, MA, March 14-18
If you are like most engineers, a hands-on approach is one of the best ways to learn. Whether you are new to Qt or need a refresher, join us for a 5-day training Programming with Qt for Desktops. Enroll Now >>
  Qt test driven  

Qt Test Driven Development using Google Test and Google Mock Webinar Replay 
Test-driven development (TDD) has many hidden benefits and using it in combination with Google Test and Google Mock affords software engineers the ability to isolate the units of their applications for maximum testing. Take a moment to view this replay and see how using design techniques can help your next project. On-Demand Webinar >>

  Convert Your Legacy OpenGL Code  

Convert Your Legacy OpenGL Code to Modern OpenGL with Qt
Before you begin to upgrade your legacy applications, consider reviewing this replay of our OpenGL webinar where we explored the differences, best practices and the upgrade possibilities available for Qt-OpenGL applications converting from Qt 4x to Qt 5. On-Demand Webinar >>


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Upcoming Events

      Automotive Megatrends – Connected Car Detroit, MI, March 15, 2016 
ICS is co-sponsoring Connected Car Day at Automotive Megatrends, the flagship conference of Automotive World. This event will bring together decision makers and forward thinking innovators. So visit ICS this upcoming March 15 in Detroit and see our dynamic contributions to some of the leading products designed for the automotive IVI sector. More >>
      BIOMEDevice – Boston, MA, April 13-14, 2016  
ICS will join more than 300 exhibitors and 3,000 business leaders, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and suppliers at BIOMEDevice Boston. Visit ICS at Booth 100 and share solutions, gain valuable insights, discover, test, evaluate the latest medical device designs, and discuss the challenges currently being faced. More >>
      GENIVI All-Member Meeting – Paris, France, April 26-29, 2016 
GENIVI’s All-Member Meetings offer a unique blend of member updates and public programs with business and technical content. ICS will be showcasing examples of IVI systems we have developed at the next GENIVI All-Member Meeting, held in Paris on April 26 - 29. More >>