July 2020

July 2020
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Live Webinar: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) Processing on Edge Devices — July 16

In this joint webinar with Au-Zone Technologies we will discuss development challenges and solutions that can be used to enable AI/ML at the edge to implement object detection, classification and tracking for medical and industrial use cases, as well as visualization techniques for activity monitoring and object detection. Register Now >>

Welcome to ICS' July Newsletter

Although July is a month many of our readers typically enjoy a slower pace, we’ve been a hive of activity of late. This edition, packed with content, reflects that. For starters, we’re offering two live webinars — one in partnership with Au-Zone Technologies discussing how to leverage AI and machine learning processing on edge devices; the other in concert with Advanced Kiosks exploring touchless touchscreen interfaces in the era of COVID-19. We’re also conducting a tech talk at BIOMEDevice Digital Express, a virtual event bringing together thought leaders in the biomed/life sciences industries.

Also in this issue is an update on the state of the Raspberry Pi ecosystem, the latest in our series Building QML Controls From Scratch, and an article on a gamification project we developed for the American Institute of Architects. And we’re providing more information about our rapid-development solution, including my blog explaining how GreenHouse by ICS generates usable code, and an ebook outlining the benefits of GreenHouse to various members of your project team.

That should be more than enough to keep you going for another month!

Mark Hatch, COO, ICS

Hand over touchscreen

Live Webinar: Don’t Touch! Touchless Interactions in the Post-COVID World — August 13

This webinar will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a variety of touchless user interactions currently being built and deployed. Register Now >>

Raspberry Pi Chip

Here's What's Up in the World of Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi's popularity grows, with 30 million units shipped by the end of 2019. Read More >>

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eBook: A Smarter, Faster Way to Build Embedded Touch Devices and Empower Your Team

GreenHouse offers benefits to every member of your product development team. In this eBook, we outline some of those benefits. Download Now >>

GreenHouse generates code

Quickly Generate a Maintainable and Evolving Application with GreenHouse

Writing a new application? Want to best the competition? Try this. Read More >>


Creating QML Controls From Scratch: BarChart

Here's a simple way to write a custom autoscaled chart. Read More >>

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High School Students Design Better Communities Alongside Architects

Working with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), ICS created an interactive digital game aimed at helping teenagers discover how architects collaborate to build stronger communities. Read More >>

BIOMEDevice Digital Express

BIOMEDevice Digital Express — August 6

ICS' Milton Yarberry will be giving a tech talk on Accelerating Medical Device Software Development with Good UX Practice at BIOMEDevice Digital Express, their first virtual event. Read More >>