June 2019


In-Depth Model/View with QML

Live Webinar — July 25, 1 pm EDT
This webinar will illustrate model/view with a set of two QML programming examples. The first will consider the simple case where data size remains constant. The second will cover the more common situation where data size is dynamic. Register Now >

Peter WinstonWelcome to ICS' June Newsletter

With summer right around the corner, we’re heating up your development knowledge with our live webinar July 25 on Model View with QML. Don’t miss it! As vacation season begins, take along some summer reading with our pieces on GPIO programming, medical device cybersecurity and trends in UX design. You'll also find follow up Q & A to my May webinar, Lessons Learned from 500+ Successful Software Development Projects.

Happy reading. And don’t forget the sunscreen!

Peter Winston, CEO, ICS

Critical Factors for Connected Medical Devices of the Future

June 25 — La Jolla, CA
Join ICS and BlackBerry QNX as we examine the journey of a medical device through its lifecycle from innovation, design and development, and pre-market approval to post-market maintenance. Register Now >>

An Introduction to GPIO Programming

Here's what you need to know to get started with GIPO, a key component of many embedded systems. Read More >>

Trends in UX Design: the IoT Perspective

Check out our Design World article on emerging trends UX professionals should be aware of, written from the perspective of an embedded and IoT UX designer. Read More >>

How to Avoid Your Medical Device Being Hacked

We discuss steps medtech manufacturers can take to lessen the likelihood of security breaches and cyberhacking in this article in Medical Design & Outsourcing magazine. Read More >>

Why Do Software Projects Fail? Webinar Q&A

A follow-up to our webinar on lessons learned from 500+ successful development projects. Read More >>

Upcoming Events

UXPA International — June 25 - 27, Scottsdale, AZ

ICS Director of UX R&D Dorothy Shamonsky will be speaking on UX Design for the IoT and the Rise of Natural Interaction. Read More >>