Newsletter March 2014

ICS Newsletter — March 2014

Upcoming Events

Qt QuickStarts Europe
March 11 — Copenhagen
March 19 — Hamburg
March 25 — Munich
March 27 — Zurich

ICS Europe is coming to a city near you!  Learn how and why to use Qt to develop cross-platform applications with world-class UIs. Whether you're new to Qt, need a refresher or are just thinking about using Qt on your next  project, we've got Qt tips and tricks to help elevate your development.  Bring  your questions for our Qt Experts. More info and registration. 

Meet Qt - Soup to Nuts Seminar
March 25 — Detroit, MI
April 2 — San Jose, CA

ICS, Digia and froglogic are coming to Detroit and San Jose for a free-of-charge Meet Qt: Soup to Nuts Seminar. Join our one-stop-shop event to learn the full power of Qt from cross-platform development to user experience (UX) and testing, and get hands-on training on how to kick-start and optimize your next project. 
Register for Detroit
Register for San Jose

Real Beauty in Real Time: Creating Modern User Experiences with QNX and Qt
April 24 — San Jose, CA

This full-day workshop will provide Engineering Architects and Program Managers a thorough understanding of the entire development process using QNX and Qt, transforming a "napkin sketch" into working code on a device running a real-time embedded operating system. It will not only help plan your projects, it will also make sure that they get started right and avoid the common pitfalls of working with a new platform.

Participants of this full-day workshop will receive a complete touchscreen development system - both hardware and software - available to borrow for the workshop or to take home at the end of the day.

ICS in the News

ICS and Toradex Announce Collaboration
ICS to Provide Support and Consulting for Qt Applications on Toradex Platforms, Providing Powerful Options for Embedded Developers 
• Read the news release 
• Show me step-by-step instructions to build the latest Qt version 5.2.0 on the Toradex T30 hardware platform

Check Out Our Qt & UX Design Blogs

This Week in Qt
Stay current with This Week in Qt an original weekly blog published by the ICS engineering team. This blog quickly highlights all things Qt for developers short on time. 

ICS Insights
Written by ICS's engineers and our UX team, the most recent blog posts are: 

Workflow Analysis, Swim Lanes and UX
There are several ways to display a workflow, one of which is the swim lane diagram. In this article we discuss how swim lane diagrams visually describe how a process works, how it can help improve efficiencies and identify knowledge gaps within a process.

KDE Framework 5 - Taking KArchive for a Test Drive
In this blog post, we present a tutorial on setting up and using one of the libraries from the new KDE Frameworks 5, a collection of add-ons to Qt. Specifically, we look at what is involved in setting up KArchive on Ubuntu Desktop Linux.
The Blue Landscape of Our Imagination
Color in visual design influences users and their user experiences. This article reveals the psychology and human preference of color and the use of color as visual cues in design.

The BeagleBone Black: A Low-Cost Embedded Platform, Part 1
In this blog post, we look at the BeagleBone Black, a low-cost embedded computer platform that supports Qt. 

Effective QML Webcasts Now on Demand

Over the past several months, ICS's Effective QML Webinar Series has taken an in-depth look at Qt's QML technology. Several of our Qt consultants, well-versed in QML, presented tips, tricks and best practices to expand the knowledge for those developers already familiar with the basics of QML. The topics in the series are available from the ICSNetwork and include: 
• Anchors
• Integrating C++ and QML
• Data Models and Views
• Keyboard Input Handling
• QML Language Scope
• Advanced Anchors (coming soon)
• From the Trenches: Lessons Learned (coming soon)

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