Newsletter August 2016


Qt World Summit

ICS is excited to be a platinum sponsor at the Qt World Summit, which is returning to San Francisco for its 13th occurrence. ICS will also be bringing our Qt expertise to the event as a training service provider, presenting four full-day pre-conference trainings on topics, including OpenGL & Qt, Effective QML, threading, and UX design. The Qt World Summit has announced some speakers and have many more lined up, so don’t miss your chance to catch up on Qt. Space is limited this year, so secure your seat early. We hope to see you there!

Welcome to ICS' August Newsletter

With summer winding down, planning for Qt World Summit this October in San Francisco has kicked into high gear. As we prepare our training courses, talks, and gather demos for our booth, I am reminded of the important role this conference (and Qt Developer Days before that) plays in fostering communication and collaboration within the Qt Community. Stretching all the way back to ICS’ very first Qt conference in 2004, this event has always been about sharing successes. This year is no exception. Look for an exciting lineup of presentations, and a chance to learn from and network with your Qt colleagues. And, if you’re in the Boston area on Sept. 21 please join us for a Qt Meetup at our new headquarters in Waltham.

Mark Hatch, COO, ICS

Webinar: The Convergence of Connected Cars & Smart Homes

September 22, 12:00 PM EDT
Join ICS and Automotive Megatrends as we discuss connected cars, smart homes and the greater world of IoT, and examine the standards and protocols that will allow them to converge. We will also present an IVI media architecture developed by ICS, and address the challenges of preparing for unknown future capabilities with a plugin architecture that is extendible and robust. Register Now >>

Webinar: Interface of Things Use Cases & Considerations

September 27, 1:00 PM EDT
Learn about reference frameworks for your upcoming IoT project, from connected devices to cloud manageability, and get started building a smarter world (and brand). We will delve into common implications and best practices, such as power and battery limitations, remote or local connectivity, and different modalities of user interaction and interfaces with or without a screen. Register Now >>

Training: State-of-the-Art OpenGL & Qt

Early bird pricing extended!
Sunnyvale, CA, September 12-16

This five-day, hands-on course provides an introduction to modern OpenGL using programmable shader pipelines. It introduces the use of the Qt framework for infrastructure and support to quickly achieve highly efficient and visually appealing, state-of-the-art, interactive graphics applications. The class covers basic topics, such as handling of geometry, graphics pipeline and transformations as well as advanced topics, such as vertex, fragment and geometry shaders and their applications. Save a seat for you and a colleague before they are gone! Enroll Now>>

New QML by Design Training Course

QML by Design is a three-day course aimed at UX and graphic designers. You’ll learn how to create working prototypes that will act as functional specifications to show the development engineers what to build. Using Qt Meta Language (QML), a user interface markup language, designers can generate responsive mockups that not only reveal the look of the final user interface, but its key behaviors as well. Rather than read about the transition from one screen to the next, software engineers can actually see the desired transition in action. Learn More >>

What’s New in Qt 5.7.0: Qt Gamepad

Check out the new Qt Gamepad module, which makes it easier for developers to support input from gamepads in a portable manner. Read More >>

Configuring Qt Creator for the Raspberry Pi

Qt Creator is the integrated development environment of choice for Qt. We’ll show you how to configure Qt Creator for a common embedded board, in this case Raspberry Pi. Read More >>

Compelling Touchscreen Animations Enhance the User Experience

Tailored, compelling user interface animations help you build a brand and share digital content in a way that resonates. Read More >>

Qt OpenGL Buffer Quick Reference

ICS has created a handy reference chart containing essential maps of calls that is useful for Qt developers working with OpenGL. Download Now >>

Upcoming Events

Programming with Qt for Embedded Devices – Austin, TX, September 19-23

This hands-on, five-day course focuses on developing modern applications for embedded systems and touchscreens using Qt and Qt Quick. The class utilizes real development boards with touchscreens for each participant and introduces students to working with embedded touchscreen systems. Register Now >>

Qt Chapter Boston Meetup, Waltham, MA  September 21

ICS invites you to join us for an evening of What's New in Qt! Justin Noel will be there to give an update on Qt and there will be plenty of time for demos, questions, networking, and fun! Register Now >>

Programming with Qt for Desktops, Waltham  MA, September 26-30

This is a five-day, in-depth introduction to Qt programming, primarily focusing on using Qt Widgets and associated development tools, such as Qt Designer and Qt Creator. Students will experience the challenges of cross-platform development with exercises that involve porting applications from Windows to MacOS (or vice versa). Enroll Now >>

15th GENIVI All-Member Meeting – Burlingame, CA, October 18-21

ICS will be a silver sponsor at the 15th All Member Meeting, an event that has become mandatory for anyone involved in the in-vehicle infotainment and connected vehicle ecosystems. With significant portions of the event open to the public, your organization can greatly benefit even if you are not a GENIVI member. Register Now >>


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