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Upcoming ICS Events

Qt QuickStarts Europe

Developing Cross-Platform Applications with World-Class UIs

ICS Europe is coming to a city near you!  Learn how and why to use Qt to develop cross-platform applications with world-class UIs. Whether you're new to Qt, need a refresher or are just thinking about using Qt on your next project, we've got Qt tips and tricks to help elevate your development.  Bring your questions for our Qt Experts. 

Locations will include:

  • March 4 — London 
  • March 6 — Dublin 
  • March 11 — Copenhagen 
  • March 19 — Hamburg 
  • March 25 — Munich 
  • March 27 — Zurich 

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Qt Meetup Boston

Join ICS for an evening of Qt talk, demos and networking and fun!
February 20 — 6:00pm 
Boardroom Bistro
54 Middlesex Tpke
Bedford, MA  01730
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​February 12 - 13
DSE, Las Vegas
Visit ICS at Booth #1648 as we bring Qt to the digital signage world with our ViewPoint Interactive Kiosk. 

February 25 - 27
Embedded World, Nuremberg Germany
Visit ICS Europe in Digia's booth [Hall 4 / Booth 408]

February 25 - 26
Medical Device Summit, Boston
Join ICS's Qt and UX teams to learn how we can help with compliance, quality and innovation in the medical device industry.


Check Out Our Qt & UX Design Blogs

This Week in Qt
Stay current with This Week in Qt an original weekly blog published by the ICS engineering team. This blog quickly highlights all things Qt for developers short on time.

ICS Insights
Written by ICS’s engineers and our UX team, the most recent blog posts are:

The Role of Visual Design in UX
Visual design has the potential to make or break a user experience. The reason most people believe graphic designers exist is to make an interface look pretty. While this is an important part of the process, most people don’t realize that visual cues are designed with the end user in mind.

The Raspberry Pi Camera Module
In this post, we will look at the Raspberry Pi camera module, a low cost hardware module that supports still picture and video recording and is the first official hardware add-on for the Raspberry Pi. We will also look at the camera's features and specifications, how to set it up and examine the software that supports it.

Of Cars and Connectivity: The Next Generation of IVI
The Automotive industry’s emerging use of technology into completed connected car systems with the convergence of the Internet of Everything, is heating up. This article discusses how far we have come, where the industry is going and what the future will bring.

What's New in Qt 5.2: QCommandLineParser
Many programs need to accept command line options. For all but the simplest programs, the logic to validate and parse command line options can be significant. Support for handling this beyond what is provided by the standard C/C++ run-time library has been a long-missing Qt feature. This article seeks to familiarize you with one of the new features within Qt 5.2 and that you will make use of it in your own applications.

Visceral Appeal in UX – Part 4: The Design
To understand how to create visceral appeal in a user experience (UX) it helps to compare and contrast other forms of media that preceded the digital medium.  Designing for a visceral experience needs to include many elements such as fluid responsiveness, energy, motion, sound and of course, beautiful design. This article explores the many facets of designing for Visceral Appeal in UX.

Using Self-Signed Certificates in Qt Code
This article will show how to create a self-signed SSL key for Apache and how the Qt code will use it. If you have an official set of SSL keys for your web server, then you can use those to secure the REST calls as well.  In case you do not, or if the REST API is running on a URL not supported by your keys, then a self-signed key could be a solution. 


Customer Spotlight: MobiKOM

MobiKOM Partners with ICS Europe to Deliver Innovative Mobile Technology 

The MobiKOM Mobile Operator Board (MMOB), a mobile switchboard system, is an innovative wireless communications tool giving businesses freedom and flexibility within a virtual, mobile environment. Learn how ICS Europe helped deliver this next generation wireless tool. Read More…


Effective QML Webcasts Now on Demand

Over the past several months, ICS's Effective QML Webinar Series has taken an in-depth look at Qt's QML technology. Several of ICS’s Qt consultants, well-versed in QML, presented tips, tricks and best practices to expand the knowledge for those developers already familiar with the basics of QML. To date we have released the following topics as webcasts on the ICSNetwork:

  • Anchors
  • Integrating C++ and QML
  • Data Models and Views 
  • Keyboard Input Handling

The following weeks will bring these remaining topics:

  • Advanced Anchors
  • QML Language Scope
  • From the Trenches: Lessons Learned

Upcoming Qt Programming Classes

Mar 10-14 Bedford, MA
Apr 7-11 Silicon Valley, CA


More info and course descriptions.