November 2014 Newsletter

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Qt/QML is a tool used to help create powerful UIs. Although there are several ways to do this, in this webinar, we will explore how to make it easier for developers to implement a runtime reload of QML without having to search forums for the answers. Live Webinar >>


Your Software Supply Chain – and How to Manage It
Software development projects today are global and require sophisticated teams of engineers who are versed in the latest technologies. While no software company is immune from the challenges inherent to development, there are ways in which companies can mitigate risks by employing a surge strategy. More



Got Qt? 10 Things to Know Before You Code
Qt is a powerful framework that allows you to bring amazing products to life – on any device. Before starting any software development project, there are some things you should know – before you code. On-demand webinar


verticle line As each month and year passes we inevitably ask ourselves – where does the time go? It is something none of us has enough of and it appears especially true when we are setting out to design and develop new products. In this November edition of the ICS Newsletter, we seek to make it easier to program with Qt more efficiently and address the many challenges inherent to software development projects in general. In my CEO Blog, I discuss the software supply chain and why employing a surge strategy can deliver projects without slippage and on budget. We also have numerous blog topics in addition to live and on-demand webinars to pique your interest. Enjoy!


Peter Winston
President and CEO 
ICS, Inc.

Programming with Qt for Embedded Devices Training – Atlanta, GA
This 5-day hands-on course focuses on developing modern applications for embedded systems and touchscreens using Qt and Qt Quick. Using real development boards, participants are introduced to working with embedded touchscreen systems and provided a thorough understanding of the underlying ideas of QML and Qt Quick. More

Mastering Qt File Selectors
Sometimes an application needs to use different assets, such as graphics images or QML files, depending on the platform that the application is running. In this blog post, we explore how Qt provides for both C++ and QML and will show a simple but complete program example. More

Giving Thanks for UX Design
This holiday season is a time for us all to reflect on the things we are grateful for in our lives. We sometimes overlook the things we take for granted like the technology and appliances we use every day and the ease it can bring our lives. Better design of everything makes all of our lives better and UX design makes that possible. We can all give thanks for that. More

Top 10 Scary Qt Mistakes
Inspired by Halloween, we presented a list of ten "scary" mistakes using Qt. This list of potentially frightening errors is based on the deep experience of our engineers on global Qt consulting projects and we hope you can avoid them in the future. More

ICS provides a global agricultural equipment manufacturer a custom embedded IVI
Demand for connected devices from consumers who want the same experience as their other personal devices is accelerating. A global manufacturer of industrial agricultural equipment known for its commitment to quality and innovation developed a state-of-the-art, touchscreen command center in-vehicle system (IVI) that controls every aspect of their heavy machinery such as tractors and combines. They called ICS to blend beauty, simplicity and useful technology for this project. Learn what happened next. More


The Qt and UX Webinars You Want — Whenever You Want
Get instant access to the software development knowledge you want now. Access our on-demand webinars for the most intelligent and informative topics you need to build great products. More


ICS Insight Blog

The rise of the creative engineer and the linear designer. Connecting software developers and UX designers with ideas, inspiration and insight to build the best products the world has to offer. More


Upcoming Events

  event   GENIVI /CES Event – Las Vegas, NV
ICS is excited to be a silver sponsor and join other automotive stakeholders from all over the world at the GENIVI Demonstration Showcase at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this January. This showcase is an excellent opportunity to see the pervasive adoption of GENIVI technologies in commercial products from leading suppliers. Live Event
  event   Effective QML Training – Houston, TX
Learn to create QML that is more declarative, maintainable and testable. Attendees will also learn about optimizing for startup and runtime performance as well as memory consumption for QML. Live Training
  event   Programming with Qt for Desktops – Silicon Valley, CA
This course focuses on using Qt Widgets and the associated development tools (Qt Designer, Qt Creator and friends). Students will experience the challenges of cross -platform development with exercises that involve porting applications from Windows to MacOS (or vice versa). Live Training
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