Newsletter October 2016


Live Webinar: Qt Test-Driven Development Using Google Test & Google Mock – October 27, 1:00 pm EDT

Test-driven development (TDD) has many hidden benefits and using it in combination with Google Test and Google Mock affords software engineers the ability to isolate the units of their applications for maximum testing. Join us and see how using design techniques can help your next project. Register Now >>

Justin_Noel_headshot_0.pngWelcome to ICS' October Newsletter

We just returned from a fantastic Qt World Summit in San Francisco. Thanks to everyone who helped make this event a success — The Qt Company, the other sponsors and most of all you, the Qt community! It was great to see many familiar faces and many more new ones, as well.

Once again, we were enriched by technical talks from a host of engaging speakers, as well as in- depth training sessions and real-world examples of Qt in use. Check the Qt World Summit website for videos of many of the talks, which will be posted soon.

To further expand your Qt-related knowledge, join me on Oct. 27 at 1:00 pm EDT for an updated webinar: Register now for Qt Test- Driven Development Using Google Test & Google Mock.

Justin Noel, Senior Consulting Engineer, Certified Qt Trainer, ICS


Here's a Look Back at Qt World Summit 2016

Last week's Qt World Summit in San Francisco was a resounding success. Check out ICS' recap for the highlights! Read More >>

2017 Training Calendar

Believe it or not, 2017 is right around the corner! We've announced our Q1 training calendar to keep you on the leading edge of technology. Check out upcoming dates and locations for the popular Programming with Qt for Desktops, Programming with Qt for Embedded Devices and State-of-the-Art OpenGL with Qt courses! Learn More >>

Webinar on Demand: Interface of Things Use Cases & Considerations

As the smart home connects with the connected car and other smart devices, brands must build and operate their Internet of Things (IoT) strategy to boost user interaction between multiple devices. In this webinar, ICS joined Wind River and The Qt Company to discuss reference frameworks for your upcoming IoT project starting from connected devices to cloud manageability. Watch Now >>

QML By Design Training Course

Dayton, OH, February 1-3, 2017
QML By Design is a new three-day course aimed at UX and graphic designers. You’ll learn how to create working prototypes that will act as functional specifications to show the development engineers what to build. Generate responsive mockups that not only reveal the look of the final user interface but its key behaviors, as well. Enroll Now >>

QtCreatorLinux_1016.jpgGetting Started With Qt and Qt Creator on Linux

Here's how to configure a Linux system for Qt desktop development, including easy-to-follow instructions. Read More >>

EmpowerTouchscreenUsers_1016.jpgWant to Empower Touchscreen Users? Let Them Choose Their Own Layout

Whether designing for desktop or touchscreen, your goal as a UX designer is to allow users to interact with content in a way that works for them. Read More >>

Make it Pop! How to Give Constructive Feedback Your Designer Will Appreciate

Actionable feedback is critical to the success of any design project. But giving a helpful critique requires that non-designer stakeholders speak the language of design. Here are some tools for building basic design fluency. Read More >>

Upcoming Events

QNX Medical Info Day

ICS is joining QNX, a leading technology provider to medical device manufacturers, for Medical Info Day on October 27 in Bloomington, MN. During this full-day session, a group of leading industry subject matter experts will address the challenges medical device manufacturers face in taking their innovations from the concept stage, through regulatory approval and to market. Register Now >>


Programming with Qt for Desktops

Waltham, MA, December 5 – 9
Silicon Valley, CA, December 12 – 16

This is a five-day, in-depth introduction to Qt programming, primarily focused on using Qt Widgets and associated development tools, such as Qt Designer and Qt Creator. Students will experience the challenges of cross-platform development with exercises that involve porting applications from Windows to MacOS (or vice versa). Enroll Now >>