September 2018


Qt World Summit 2018

As a gold sponsor, ICS ​is bringing our expertise to The Qt World Summit in Boston this October. We're offering a variety of pre-conference training sessions on everything from Hands-on Qt for Embedded on Toradex to Qt for Medical Devices. Learn More >>

Peter_Profile.pngWelcome to ICS' September Newsletter

September has been filled with excitement at ICS. Not only have we put the finishing touches on our sessions for the upcoming Qt World Summit — hope to see you in Boston October 29 and 30! — but we’ve expanded our firm with the launch of a new brand devoted to user experience (UX) design.

We established Boston UX ( in response to escalating demand for our design services — we’ve seen a significant increase in customer requests over the last three years. While ICS is still focused squarely on custom software development, Boston UX is dedicated to designing compelling touchscreen interfaces for high-impact embedded and connected medical, industrial and consumer devices. You can read more about Boston UX in this issue.

Also this month we’re offering an assortment of technical content, including articles on Python and QCompleter, as well as live training courses. Design content includes an insightful article on the challenges of designing for embedded, and a piece exploring the role of robots in the design space.

Peter Winston, CEO, ICS


ICS Launches Boston UX

ICS announces the launch of Boston UX, a user experience (UX) design consultancy that specializes in creating intuitive interface design for touchscreen and voice-powered smart devices and products. Read More >>


We Ported a Qt App from C++ to Python. Here's what Happened.

Can Python and PyQt be used effectively to develop large, complex (typically desktop) applications? Read More >>


Training: State-of-the-Art OpenGL with Qt

Nov. 5 - 9 — Sunnyvale, CA
This course explores modern OpenGL using programmable shader pipelines. It introduces the use of the Qt framework for infrastructure and support to quickly achieve highly efficient and visually appealing interactive graphics applications. Enroll Now >>


Make Your Applications More User Friendly with QCompleter

Here's a look at the QCompleter, a little-known feature that can turn your application into one users will love. Read More >>


UX Design for IoT is a New Frontier

Designing for embedded devices and the Internet of Things is challenging because unlike with web and desktop there are few common design aspects shared across devices. Read More >>


Robots are Not Designers (and Vice Versa)

Can a robot do a designer's job? Should it? Read More >>


Implementing Modern Apps with Qt Quick

Oct. 31 - Nov. 2 — Waltham, MA
Coming to Boston for The Qt World Summit? Stay for the week and learn how to develop modern applications for embedded systems and desktops using Qt Quick. Enroll Now >>


The Qt and UX Webinars You Want — Whenever You Want

Access our on-demand webinars any time to get the software development knowledge you need to build great products. Download Now >>

Upcoming Events

CppCon 2018 — Sept. 23 - 29, Bellevue, WA

Stop by ICS' table at CppCon 2018, the annual, week-long, face-to-face gathering of the C++ community. Learn More >>

Autotech Council Science Fair — Oct. 1, Mountain View, CA

Find out how ICS has integrated Alexa into our IVI system at Silicon Valley's annual hands-on expo for cutting-edge automotive and mobility innovation. Learn More >>