September 2021

Take Measures to Help Avoid a Ransomware Nightmare

Take Measures to Help Avoid a Ransomware Nightmare

The cybersecurity industry is stretched thin as the pace of attacks is relentless. Take steps now to safeguard your devices. Read More >>

Peter Winston

Welcome to ICS' September Newsletter

Cyber attacks are growing more frequent, targeted and complex. Analysts estimate that by 2025 cybercrime will cost organizations worldwide around $10.5 trillion annually — up from $3 trillion in 2016. At ICS, we’ve seen in the past 18 months a shift in thinking around cybersecurity. Today, most customers have elevated cybersecurity from mere curiosity to an absolute must-have and in turn, nearly all of our embedded projects include cyber protection. To help you protect your systems, we will continue to provide helpful information, like this month’s feature article “Take Measures to Avoid a Ransomware Nightmare” and blog “Protect Your Cloud by Leveraging AWS' Shared Responsibility Model.”

Also in this issue, you can explore a UX-themed blog on the impact of user satisfaction on digital transformation projects, an on-demand webinar offering strategies to shrink timelines and limit costs related to medical device projects, and details on ICS’ participation at the 2021 Qt World Summit, the biggest Qt event of the year.

Peter Winston, CEO

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