Newsletter November 2013

Inventing the Future at Qt Developer Days San Francisco

The Qt Developer community came together earlier this month to both mark The 10th annual Qt Developer Days in San Francisco and look to the future. Once again we were enriched and entertained by keynotes from industry luminaries, in-depth technical talks, leading-edge technology from our sponsors, real-world applications from our Qt in Use participants as well as fast, fun and informative Lightning Talks. Overall, the event provided the Qt community a snapshot of how and why Qt is growing globally, helping to invent the future and deliver great products. Thank you to all our speakers, sponsors and our co-hosts, KDAB and Digia. 

  • Copies of many of the presentations are available online by visiting the schedule and drilling down into each presentation's page. 
  • More photos and videos of the keynotes will be posted shortly — check back at the Qt DevDays website.
  • Congratulations to our Lightning Talk winners: Jeffrey Sprenger, Frederik Gladhorn, Kalle Dalheimer and Carl Symons. 

Here's to inventing the future with Qt! 


lars knoll keynote qt devdays 2013 SFO


Effective QML Webinar Series Now On Demand

Over the past several months, ICS's Effective QML Webinar Series has taken an in-depth look at Qt's QML technology. Several of ICS’s Qt consultants, well-versed in QML, presented tips, tricks, best practices and common areas of error and confusion to expand the knowledge for those developers already familiar with the basics of QML. Starting now and following every other week, a new topic in the series will be released and posted on the ICSNetwork. We start this week with Effective QML: Anchors. The following weeks will bring these topics:

  • Integrating C++ & QML
  • Data Models & Views
  • Advanced Anchors
  • QML Language Scope
  • Keyboard Input Handling
  • From the Trenches: Lessons Learned

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