Your Jumpstart for Squish

Educate Your Team on the Best Practices of Using Squish in Your Environment

Accelerate The Use of Squish Within Your QA Team

Jumpstart for Squish® is a 5-day service engagement that includes formal training, installation, infrastructure development and test creation by ICS experts. You should expect that at the end of this engagement, you will have a fully functional Squish testing environment, staffed by your own team of knowledgeable Squish testers. In addition, you will have a foundation set of "smoke tests" that can be extended, cloned and modified to complete your testing plan.

Specifically, the Jumpstart for Squish consists of the following tasks:

Formal Training
The first step in the project is two days of formal training on the use of Squish. This training includes a half-day accelerated course on the scripting language (e.g., Python, TCL, JavaScript, or Perl) you have selected for recording your tests.

Installation and Tailoring
Squish is easy to install, but tailoring it to your application's architecture requires planning and effort. ICS experts assist your team with the process of customizing Squish to work optimally with your application.

Extension of Test Infrastructure
ICS recommends that the test scripts and test results be placed under configuration management and that you start with overnight batch runs of your regression tests. As part of this phase, ICS will help you publish the results of your nightly test runs on an internal web server for managerial review of test results.

Development of Initial Smoke Tests
We will work with your team to develop an initial set of smoke tests that can be used immediately to validate the proper functioning of your application. These initial tests will also provide the foundation for future sets of tests.

Optional Add-ons
Depending on your needs and staffing, ICS offers two optional extensions to this program:

  • Test Development: ICS can provide you with Squish experts that can develop tests that implement your QA group's test plan.
  • Outsource QA: ICS can be your QA department. Working with your developer team, we can create a formal testing plan along with the detailed tests themselves.