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All UX Embedded Mobile Desktop
S2 Security

Innovative cross-platform security surveillance solution

Mevion Medical Systems

Bringing Lifesaving Cancer Treatments to Hospitals


A Greenhouse Environment Monitoring System

The North Face Snow Report

Cool, Interactive Mobile Apps

Ivenix Infusion Management System

Increasing Infusion Pump Product Safety and Innovation

Electronic Fetal Monitor

Patient Vitals Access

The North Face Trailhead

High Quality Multi-Platform Apps


Mobile Dashboard Gives Access to Campus Web Portal

Studio Access Audio Editor

Compelling Desktop Music Editor

Stock Quote Monitor

Mobile Portfolio Management Tool

Medical Health Review System

Patient History Access

QNX Medical Devices

When UX Can Mean Life or Death

In-Flight Wildfire Monitoring System

Investigative Drone Aviation Display

Home Automation

Compelling and Intuitive Mobile Interfaces

Cruise Line Network

Cruise Ship Bridge Control System

Compass Systems

Sophisticated Touch Screen UIs

Electronic Medical Record

Improving Patient Outcomes

Blood Oximeter

Patient Vitals Access

Blood Analyzer

Blood Test Access

Minerva Networks

On-Demand Mobile Interface

Tactical Field Overlay System

Military Combat Readiness Software


Rich and Modern User Experiences

Army Team Combat Modernization

Large-scale, Mission-critical, Long-term Development

Packet Design

Ease-of-Use for Complex and Powerful Systems

Precor Fitness Equipment

Graphics Acceleration for High Performance Consumer Devices

Hemisphere GPS

Maximizing Yields with Effective UI

Intel IVI

Setting the Pace in Automotive Technology

TREK Console Command Center

Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring and Control

Lueken’s Village Foods

Tablet Shopping App


Reducing Costs and Improving Customer Satisfaction with Innovative...

Planetary Analyzer

Immersive Interface Exploring Planetary Geology

My Maintenancer

Your Personal IVI Mechanic