Porting Motif Applications to Qt - On Demand Webinar


Questions & Answers from live webinar:

Q - Does ICS offer any products for automatically porting BX Pro-generated GUIs to Qt?
A - While we are the vendor of the BX Pro GUI builder, we don't have an automated convertor for BX Pro to Qt Designer. We have thought about how it could be done and it is feasible to do a straight conversion, but typically under Qt you want to use logical layouts so the screens are resizable, and this would be much harder to do in an automated fashion. We would consider developing such a convertor for a customer that had an application large enough to justify the development.

Q - What about the Xbae matrix from Bell Labs? What would be the best Qt equavalent?
A - (XbaeMatrix is a Motif table widget which presents an editable array of string data to the user in a scrollable table similar to a spreadsheet.) I'd refer you to our QicsTable widget which we made available under an Open Source license: https://www.ics.com/files/docs/qicstable/2.2/main.html and https://gitlab.com/ics-qicstable/qicstable

Q - I have a large Motif application where we have integrated Qt/Qt windows. What we have not been able to do is have a Motif window be a parent of a Qt dialog (and still be parent modal). Is there any way to do this? Qt 5.2
A - This sounds like an advanced application and we would need to get more details on how you implemented it in order to help.

Q - Are there Qt features that are available with a commerical license but not with the Open Source version?
A - There are, but only a very few (for example, the QML compiler). Most of the features that were previously commercial only are now available under a GPL license. Qt Charts is one example. Note that the GPL license is more restrictive than the LGPL license that most of Qt is released under, so you need to ensure you can comply with the terms of the license if you use these modules.