KD Charts

Create High Power Graphing Applications

The most powerful Qt component of its kind, KD Chart (formerly GraphPak for Qt) enables developers to design and manage a large number of axes and dimensions simultaneously while also providing sophisticated means of customization.

KD Chart is the Most Powerful, Flexible and Complete Charting and Graphing Tool for Qt

In addition to detailed and precise chart layout, it is possible to complement your application with KD Chart by adding rich-text boxes and/or frames to data points or to random positions. Because it is extremely configurable, KD Chart's charts are easily resized by automatically adjusting font sizes and layout.

KD Chart lets you specify the fonts, colors, and sizes to be used in wide ranges. Flexible font and color setting capabilities and the consistent use of the convenient dynamic sizes technique makes it easy to define charts that fit perfectly into your existing framework and look like integrated parts of your application. KD Chart automatically adds a legend box to your chart. You can configure the legend source, location, layout, data area, title, color/fonts, frame and background.

Highlighting individual data points or bars, defining a special line style for a part of your chart, displaying additional horizontal or vertical lines pointing to or intersecting a data point and much more can be done using the sophisticated "cell-specific properties" technique that is part of KD Chart.

Reasonable default settings for all properties make it possible to quickly and efficiently create user-friendly programs that offer the same level of functionality, or an even higher one, in Qt programs as on other platforms.

For quick results, the ready-to-use KDChartWidget class may be instantiated to add chart widgets to your layout. For full control, you can let the charting engine directly draw onto a QPainter provided by your application. Because KD Chart is designed under a Model-View-Controller architecture, it is easy to generate multiple views of your data as well as to change the chart types or layout settings without touching the underlying data model.

KD Chart also includes a powerful Gantt Chart.