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Demand for connected devices in automobiles is accelerating as mobile ecosystems are maturing. Consumers are expecting a seamless transition in user experience (UX) as they move between home, office, and back again in their automobiles, raising expectations for design and performance while adding complexities in interoperability and safety.

Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS) understands these challenges through our extensive client work for customers in automotive IVI and beyond, with broad ranging work not just in automotive IVI but on state-of-the-art industrial farming equipment, in-flight infotainment systems (IFI), and a

Qt/QML-based automotive prototype for a mobile phone manufacturer that included a full complement of in-vehicle functionality including a radio, MP3 player, mapping and guidance system, etc.

Integrated Computer Solutions’ (ICS) In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) Software Group fuses our extensive automotive domain knowledge with state-of-the-art design and graphics capabilities when developing custom integrated automotive IVI systems. We can deliver a fully connected automotive IVI solution to your customers through an open, scalable, easily configurable, and solidly engineered system.

Our go-to tool of choice is Qt/QML for automotive IVI work: we’ve found that we can use Qt/QML to create automotive IVI solutions that can move quickly from concept to production with a minimum of re-engineering. Qt/QML has proven itself over and over again as a robust development environment. Nevertheless, although ICS prefers Qt/QML as its design tool of choice, we’re actually development tool agnostic and can apply our UX proficiency and engineering prowess to automotive IVI environment of your choice. (See Technology below.)

Our domain expertise extends beyond automobiles to the airline, rail and transit industries on a wide range of technology. ICS reduces costs, redundancies and development time while increasing the commercial potential of your product.


Find out how ICS collaborated with a global engineering team to develop and deliver a next generation Qt/QML automotive IVI solution for a multinational auto manufacturer.


Global Agricultural

Learn about how ICS provided this global agricultural equipment manufacturer a custom game


Conceptual IVI

View emerging proof



Discover how our software engineers design, develop and deliver advanced, intelligent Qt/QML-based automitive IVI systems to drive business and your bottom line.     


UX Design

Add powerful UX design expertise to your automotive  IVI project for engaging, beautiful and scalable UI designs.



Automotive platform interoperability starts with smart tools using Automotive IVI Linux-based OS, CAN-Bus, Qt/QML, Qt Quick, Android, iOS and smartphone connectivity.


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We do what others say cannot be done. We have the skills and experience clients seek to solve large engineering problems. Our engineers and designers offer timeand cost saving expertise to develop, differentiate and deliver your automotive IVI system.