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We have a deep pool of qualified, available Qt developers with proven expertise across a diverse array of skill sets. We’ll pair you with the right talent to help you accelerate development of robust applications and engaging user interfaces on embedded, touchscreen and desktop devices.

Qt Consulting Engineer

Strong C++ and Qt engineer with extensive experience developing complex medical devices. His colleagues consider him a wizard at QML and UI development.

Key Technologies: QML Expert, Medical Applications, 10+ years Qt experience

Qt Consulting Engineer

Expert Qt software developer with experience developing custom Qt solutions in user interface design and integration using QML. Strong problem-solving skills, attention to detail and involvement in each phase of application development makes him an asset to any engineering team.

Key Technologies: Qt/QML Expert, Medical Applications

Systems Developer

More than 20 years of experience in UNIX and Linux development and support, from the kernel level to the application level as an ICS embedded systems specialist. Has developed on a variety of platforms as well as handled hardware installation, configuration and support. Familiar with network socket programming, standard Internet protocols and has experience porting software.

Key Technologies: 20+ years UNIX and Linux experience, embedded systems specialist, yocto, platform bsp

Senior Qt Software Engineer

An experienced Qt software engineer skilled in Agile development techniques, QA best practices, and test-driven development. He has expertise in medical device development and Tier 1 auto, and is experienced with Human/Machine Interface (HMI) creation, including Model/View/Controller design patterns and hierarchical state machines.

Key Technologies: Qt Expert, Medical and Automotive HMI creation

Software Engineer

Skilled software engineer with a solid background in AI/ML, full stack development, Agile methodologies and SCRUM leadership. His experience, which extends from national security systems to food service, includes building a computer vision-based Android app for novel character recognition of the runic language, and developing a leaderboard web app using node.js and Python for Peloton users riding Echelon-connected bikes. He is passionate about quickly learning new technologies, and is able to take ownership of a project and independently architect, execute and troubleshoot it through completion.

Key Technologies: AI/ML, Python, C++

Qt Consulting Engineer

C++ and Qt specialist, also has great proficiency with Python, which allows him to deliver quality custom solutions and solve difficult development challenges.

Key Technologies: Qt/QML Specialist, C++, Python

Qt Software Engineer

A problem solver who masters new concepts quickly, has broad knowledge and understanding of embedded systems, full-stack and application development and data science. He is facile with key languages and frameworks, including Qt, QML, C, C++, .NET, Python and Linux, and has worked in a variety of industries, from environmental management and agri-science to semiconductors to non-destructive testing (NDT).

Key Technologies: Qt/QML, C++, Python, Medical lab devices

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