We Build Powerful Embedded Devices

Custom cross-platform software development solutions

Combining software engineering and touchscreen user experience design, we create intuitive products

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We've solved some of the toughest, most complex product development issues.


We help companies worldwide reduce project costs and speed to market.


We’re process-driven and provide innovative development solutions using Qt, QML and other tools.


Our UX design team delivers sophisticated user-interface design and integration for your embedded project.

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Why choose ICS?

We’ve built appealing user experiences for everything from medical devices to self-driving autos to commercial restaurant equipment.

Embedded Devices


  • We’ll help you develop a new, mission-critical product from scratch

  • Through ICS you can access specialized expertise — like voice, video and VR — to support an existing project

  • With us by your side, you can easily expand and extend your product team's capabilities

Cross the finish line quickly with a quality product your customers will love

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