Mobile Application Components

Leverage and accelerate your app development cycle through ICS's existing, ready-made mobile app components:


ICS develops geolocation apps leveraging available map data (e.g. Google Maps, Navteq Maps or OpenStreetMap) to access a location-based service or navigate to a point of interest.

Social Networking
ICS develops apps that integrate popular social media services such as Twitter and Facebook. (ICS has developed its own Twitter client available in the Intel AppUp Center.)


Specialized Devices
With the addition of an external hardware device, (such as a magnetic card reader or Near Field Communication reader) mobile devices can quickly and economically become specialized head units for industrial and commercial applications. ICS both integrates external hardware at the low level, and develops the high level application necessary to deliver a complete solution.


ICS has developed numerous eReaders for mobile devices. We fully understand the issues with various eReader document formats, content acquisition and Digital Rights Management.


ICS's vast experience with numerous mobile platforms makes us ideally suited to both develop new games and port exiting games to new devices. We understand how to build efficient, hardware accelerated code to deliver the responsiveness gaming applications demand. Also, our UX designers look to incorporate gaming elements into conventional apps as appropriate.