Specialized Tablet Devices

Specialized Tablet devices are increasing in use and not only do they need to efficiently perform their primary function, they also need a compelling user interface along with a comprehensive set of applications that allow users to perform many of the common functions (email, browsing, calendar, etc.) of commercial devices such as Microsoft Surface, iPad or Android tablets.

The ICS development and user experience {UX} team can develop a user interface from initial concept or port an existing app over to another platform, update an existing app with enhanced APIs for that platform or work with your team to validate your UX design with usability testing for tablets.

In addition, ICS offers a comprehensive set of common tablet, touchscreen enabled applications, including email, web browsing, calendars, notes, tasks and more. We can quickly rebrand these applications to make them compliant with your user experience design and best of all, you can keep the applications proprietary and there are never any runtimes or royalties.

Application Store
All mobile devices, especially tablets and smart phones, provide an application store where users can search and purchase new and interesting applications. In the last 12 months, ICS has built client side applications for such stores using Qt and Qt Quick (QML).

Near Field Communications
NFC technology allows for transactions and data exchange with just a touch. This promises for instance, to ease the Bluetooth pairing process or enable you to use your phone to pay for purchases in a more secure way than a wallet full of credit cards. ICS is on the forefront of NFC, writing applications today that write and read NFC tabs and provide ways for secure communication between devices.

Media Browser
Most handset users have media libraries (music/video/photos) that number in the thousands. Providing an interesting and fun way to access this content ensures that the device becomes a user's favorite. Over the last year, ICS has delivered several such Media Browsers using Qt and Qt Quick.

Special Devices
Handset cameras are convenient and always with you. And as more features are being implemented in hardware, they are also becoming more sophisticated as the Qt Mobility API provides access to hardware for features like image stabilization. Based on the implementation of several camera applications, ICS is experienced with the most effective and reliable use of this API.

Media Player
ICS has implemented a number of media players for handsets leveraging the Qt Mobility APIs. Typically, these players have been integrated into the Media Browser simplifying their use.

Contact Manager
The Contact Manager is a core application on any handset and can be a very complex architecture based on its interaction with multiple applications. ICS understands the issues writing this core application and can apply this knowledge to similar applications.

Home Screen
The Home Screen for a handset is perhaps the most important of all the preloaded applications. It sets the standard for the look-and-feel for all applications. ICS has written several of these Home Screens, all based on Qt and Qt Quick.

Handset browsers often start up slow, exhibit performance problems on complex websites and lack key plugins. ICS has worked on correcting these problems on a number of browsers, as well as adding new user interfaces to popular browsers such as Google's Chrome.