Complimentary Personalized Workshop

Developing embedded and connected devices is tricky and complex. Ensuring your architecture is well structured is essential, as is creating an intuitive UX design, choosing the right platform and hardware, hardening cybersecurity, and adhering to regulatory mandates. To help you best navigate the path toward creating better software, ICS offers a no-cost, no-commitment technical assessment on specific aspects of your project.


This is the perfect opportunity to get answers to complicated questions, uncover issues you may not have thought about, and obtain feedback from software engineering experts with hundreds of successful projects to their credit. The insight you’ll gain provides independent validation of internal decisions and can help you reduce risk for a new application on a new platform.

During your workshop, our team will review your existing plans and code base, and suggest enhancements or alternative options, if appropriate. We'll also answer essential questions, such as is your chosen operating system optimal for your planned application? What are the performance considerations and level of risk? What is your potential for side-channel attacks? And we'll follow up your session with a report documenting key takeaways, as well as recommendations for next steps.

Why Choose ICS?

Blending world-class software development services, engineering expertise and intuitive UX design, ICS develops best-in-class software applications and touchscreen interfaces for embedded and connected medtech, industrial and commercial products. Working with Fortune 1000 firms and smaller businesses focused on innovation, our portfolio spans everything from lifesaving medical devices to professional restaurant equipment to autonomous vehicles. Our proven processes reduce development risk, improve efficiency and shrink time to market. In addition, ICS is the largest independent source of Qt expertise and training in North America.

About Your Assesment

Our services span full-lifecycle development, from architecture planning, debugging and optimization to custom application design and development, allowing you to:


For your customized assessment, choose an area of focus and we’ll pair you with an appropriate member of our engineering or UX team or an expert from our cybersecurity or regulatory practice. Among the topics we can explore as time permits are:


Qt Architecture Review

Our engineering team can help you explore the strengths and weaknesses of your current architecture and UI/UX, and offer guidance for potential improvements.

Architecture Review
  • Architectural documents, code artifacts and ideas
  • Effective ways to structure and build your new system
  • Development approaches that separate the business logic from the UI
  • Qt/QML best practices Hardware and OS

Platform Services

We offer embedded software solutions to help you accelerate development of high-quality connected devices.

Platform Services
  • Commercial and Open Source Embedded Linux
  • Real-time operating systems (RTOS)
  • Multicore/multiOS
  • Android, Yocto, ROS2
  • Product development
  • Strategies to reduce boot time, integrate communication stacks (i.e. Bluetooth)

UX Design

Our UX design professionals understand not only beauty and usability but underlying development challenges, and can assist you.

Platform Services
  • UX heuristic and existing system evaluation
  • Product vision and UX strategy
  • Usability research and user testing
  • Information architecture and functional flows
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Visual and motion design
  • UX-focused project management and QA


Our cybersecurity experts can help you incorporate secure practices into your software development lifecycle.

Architecture Review
  • User authentication and credential management; key and certificate management
  • Software update, secure boot and data encryption (at rest and in transit)
  • Personal information disclosure risk
  • Firewall, potential for side-channel attacks, vulnerabilities of third-party software components
  • Areas of risk that can lead to patient harm
  • PHI/HIPAA disclosure risk


Our regulatory experts provide insight to help you reduce risk by enhancing usability and limiting potential for human error while adhering to all regulatory mandates.

Platform Services
  • Cost-effective medical device development for PreMarket Notification (Class II, 510(k)) and PreMarket Approval (Class III)
  • ISO 13485-compliant software development processes
  • Support for IEC 62304 SDLC
  • Support for ISO 14971 hazard analysis and dFMEA
  • IEC 62366 asset development
  • CLIA-waived device development


To ensure you’re positioned to make the most of your IoT investment, our certified experts will review your cloud strategy, identify concerns and offer guidance in critical areas.

  • Cloud-native development for full stack web applications
  • Leveraging AWS, Azure and Google Cloud
  • IoT fleet management, OTA firmware updates, security, MCU integration
  • Application modernization and deployment
  • Serverless, microservice-driven SaaS and PaaS
  • Strategic infrastructure modernization