NFC Many smart phone and tablet companies have integrated Near Field Communication {NFC} into their mobile devices. More and more applications now have the advantage of being able to capitalize on this convenient technology. As consumer adoption and behavior catch up, applications that provide the use of NFC will help increase the awareness and utilize the many benefits of having NFC capability. ICS has extensive knowledge and experience incorporating NFC into mobile apps.

NFC Benefits

NFC has many benefits and the most important is that it is intuitive requiring one touch and tap making it easy for anyone to use. NFC is also versatile, ideally suited to the broadest range of industries and technology. In addition, NFC facilitates simple setup of wireless technologies such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and is open standards based with universal standards and built in capabilities, including short-range function to secure applications. NFC is also interoperable and works with existing contactless card technologies and most of all, once implemented can enhance applications that are fun and practical to use.

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