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End-to-End Solutions with QNX Software Development Platform

ICS has a long history of user experience (UX) design and custom software development for embedded systems in the safety-critical medical device and Industrial IoT markets. Now as a reseller in the BlackBerry QNX® Channel Partner Program, we deliver comprehensive solutions for best-in-class devices — our integrated services fully support your development life cycle and accelerate your time to market.


ICS Provides Complete QNX Platform-Level Support and UX/UI Design and Implementation Services

ICS' QNX Solutions Include:

  • Acoustics Middleware
  • Hypervisor
  • Operating Systems
  • QNX Momentics Tools Suite
  • QNX SDK for Apps and Media
  • QNX SDK for Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Wireless Framework

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QNX and Qt Application Development

As the largest Qt service and training partner in North America, ICS' team of Qt software engineers has extensive experience developing touchscreen applications with Qt and QNX within an agile, test-driven production environment. We have helped our clients build a wide range of applications with QNX and Qt, including:

  • Automotive infotainment (IVI) systems
  • Digital dash
  • Medical devices
  • Safety critical systems
  • Industrial automation control systems
  • Touchscreen-enabled devices

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Photon to Qt Migration

The QNX Photon MicroGUI was a technological feat in its time, however as it comes to end-of-life, many companies are migrating their Photon applications to Qt. ICS has completed many of these migrations and helped clients update legacy applications with a modern UI. ICS has also developed a variety of tools that help speed this process along making the migration to Qt as quick and easy as possible.

For more info on the Photon to Qt migration process, check out our on-demand webinar


Accelerate Optimization of Complex Embedded Systems

ICS can help you quickly build and optimize applications for QNX. From board bring-up to remote diagnostics, we employ best practices and tools for the entire development life cycle. We can help you optimize and maintain your BSP, library and driver customizations, as well as leverage profilers, code coverage, memory and runtime analysis tools to build the most secure, robust and reliable embedded systems.

A Few Highlights of ICS’ QNX Projects


Connected-Car Experience

ICS designed a touchscreen-based IVI solution for a global auto manufacturer beginning with a QNX back-end that forms a framework connecting board services with a custom-designed, dynamic, modern user experience. The solution provides its users with connectivity and interoperability needed for managing and playing audio content,  using a smartphone and accessing climate control functions. It also offers easy-to-use navigation featuring an intuitive and fluid UX.


Life-Saving Medical Device

A leading medical device manufacturer turned to ICS for help developing their new acute critical-care device built on QNX. Having chosen QNX for its IEC 62304-conforming OS and field-proven portfolio of pre-integrated technologies, the customer looked to ICS to design a safety-focused yet modern UI and develop the software for robust, reliable and secure performance.

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