Qt Consulting and the QNX OS Engine


Empowering Sophisticated Embedded Systems Worldwide

What is QNX?

QNX® products are designed for embedded systems running on various platforms, including ARM and x86, and a host of boards implemented in virtually every type of embedded environment. The QNX® Neutrino® RTOS has been qualified to various safety and security standards for use in products with high criticality and low tolerance for failure.

Why Use QNX?

Known for its solid reliability, QNX RTOS and its advanced tools work seamlessly with any platform, including Qt®, helping to empower sophisticated, mission-critical software devices.

The UNIX-like QNX OS is microkernel-based, which means that it is a small program and elements of the operating system run as tasks that the developer can turn off if they are not required in a particular system. This enhances the power of the system to operate efficiently and offers many development advantages. Its true microkernel design and its modular architecture enable customers to create highly optimized and reliable systems with low total cost of ownership.

Qt & QNX ― The Power of Two

Together, this dynamic duo has helped produce some of the world's most sophisticated and mission critical embedded systems. QNX is a real-time operating system (RTOS), which means that it is suitable for applications that require specific processing to complete within a specific time constraint. Developing applications for QNX with Qt's cross-platform framework allows for accelerated development and increased use worldwide.

One Engagement. Many Possibilities.


At Integrated Computer Systems (ICS), our team of Qt software engineers has extensive experience developing touchscreen applications with Qt and QNX within an agile, test-driven production environment. Product-driven companies worldwide are developing high-performance, complex systems that require reliable platforms and new solutions to some of the toughest and most complex issues.

ICS has helped our clients build a wide-range of applications with QNX and Qt, including:

  • automotive infotainment (IVI) systems
  • medical devices
  • industrial and vehicle automation control systems
  • touchscreen enabled devices

ICS can help save your group precious development time, increase efficiency and shorten your time to market — ultimately helping you build a better product with Qt and QNX. Bring your best ideas and toughest challenges and let's build something, together.

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