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ICS offers critical resources for your Qt development lifecycle


We design, develop and deploy powerful solutions for touchscreen, embedded and desktop applications. 

We can help drive some or all of your Qt deliverables, whether you’re developing a new product, migrating to Qt from a legacy framework, adding new functionality, testing or troubleshooting existing applications.

Depending on your needs, we can provide complete teams of Qt developers to tackle your entire project, individual Qt experts to augment your existing staff, or anything in between. We have the experience throughout all phases of the development lifecycle to solve even the most difficult Qt development challenges.

Qt Consulting

Are You Ready to Update Your Code?

With Qt 6.2 now available and at feature parity with Qt 5, the time is right to port your projects from Qt 5 to Qt 6. Moving to Qt 6 will allow
you take advantage of new features and improvements, and be ready when support for Qt 5 ends.

Free Code Assessment
To help you prepare for the move, ICS offers a free Code Migration Assessment.* This is designed to show you what you’ll need to get your code to build cleanly on Qt 6.2 and ensure that it is following Qt best practices. We’ll help you identify and isolate those pieces of Qt 5 that will need substantial effort to migrate. This assessment will provide you with the insight you need when you’re ready to complete your migration.

Migrate Your Code
Ready to actually port your code? We can handle it, regardless of complexity. As Qt experts, ICS’ engineering team has the knowledge and experience to complete your migration seamlessly so you can take advantage of the new Qt functionality. We’ll get your code ready for Qt 6 and ensure you receive bug fixes, support for new operating systems and compiler versions, and all relevant security updates.
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*Limited slots available. Contact us for more information.

Hands-on Training

More than half of the Fortune 1000 has taken advantage of ICS’ Qt training program. 

We offer courses for every level of Qt developer, from novice to experienced, and have regularly scheduled open-enrollment training classes in a city near you.

We also offer customized courses at your facility for larger groups, as well as individualized Qt coaching for your team members. Can’t wait for a class? Check out our Qt video library of free Qt tutorials and on-demand webinars. You’ll find more than 25 Qt videos, from introduction to advanced topics.

Hands-on Qt Training

Specialized teams are available for both high-performance development and UX design

Software Development

Led by experienced engineers and project managers, our software teams develop Qt-based solutions for companies in high-impact industries, from medical to transportation. We can jumpstart an existing project that has bumped up against unexpected challenges, and solve problems that may arise during development of a new product.


We develop embedded, desktop, touchscreen and voice-powered devices, primarily using the Qt cross-platform application framework. Qt allows for development on multiple devices, all with a native feel. We also target other platforms, including Windows, Android, iOS, Embedded Linux, HTML5, OpenGL, Python, QNX and Yocto.

User Experience (UX) Design

Our design division, Boston UX, creates intuitive interfaces that enhance the appeal and ease of use of your touchscreen or voice-controlled product. Our UX designers, many of whom have software engineering backgrounds, create end-user experiences that are both beautiful and buildable.

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