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Resources for Your Qt Development Lifecycle

Qt Consulting: Software Application Consulting Engagements

ICS designs, develops and deploys powerful integrated solutions for touchscreen, embedded and desktop applications. As the largest source of Qt expertise in North America, with a growing presence in Europe, ICS supports Qt developers with a wide spectrum of strategic and tactical software development services.

We can help drive some or all of your Qt deliverable — whether developing a new product, migrating to Qt from a legacy framework, adding new functionality, testing or troubleshooting existing applications, we have the experience throughout the development lifecycle to solve a wide range of Qt development challenges. We provide complete teams of Qt developers to tackle your entire project, single Qt experts to augment your existing staff and everything in between.

Qt Training: Hands-on Qt Programming Courses

ICS training helps you learn Qt and keeps you on the leading edge of technology. We have put together an unparalleled set of lab-oriented courses, which present Qt programming in an understandable yet intense manner. If you are a new Qt developer, we have regularly scheduled open enrollment training classes in a city near you. Customized courses are also available for on-site training for larger groups. To date, we have provided training services to over half of the Fortune 1000, many whose technology defines their core business.

ICS also offers a Qt video library of free Qt tutorials on ICSNetwork, where you'll find a series of over 25 Qt videos, from beginning to advanced topics. ICS also provides individualized Qt Coaching for your team members.

Qt Software Development

ICS has experienced Qt software development teams led by seasoned software engineers and project managers who can help jumpstart a project that has specific challenges or solve any issues that arise during development to accelerate your project development.

High Performance Development for Embedded, Mobile, Desktop and Touchscreen Devices

The Qt cross-platform application framework has a large user base for embedded and desktop application development. Qt allows for development on multiple devices all with a native feel. ICS designs, develops and deploys integrated solutions for embedded, mobile, desktop and touchscreen technology using Qt.

We have experience targeting multiple platforms, including: Windows, Mac, Linux/X11, Solaris, Embedded Linux, QNX, VXWorks, Android, iOS and BlackBerry.

User Experience (UX) Team - Beautiful and Intelligent Applications by Design

ICS has technical UX designers, many of whom have software engineering backgrounds whose distinct focus is on the end-user experience helping to build an intuitive interface to your product that people will want to use.

Great Products Start Here

Together, we can help save your group precious development time, increase efficiencies and shorten your time to market – ultimately helping you design, develop and deploy a better product with Qt.

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Qt Solutions

Qt Solutions

Discover how we help design, develop and deliver world-class desktop, embedded and mobile applications using Qt.

Qt Quick and QML

Collaborate and create with Qt Quick. Bringing designers and developers together.

Qt-based Google APIs

Easily integrate the functionality your users want with these Qt and QML clients for popular Google APIs.