About Canonical

Canonical has been developing operating systems since 2004, and is now extending the Ubuntu OS on mobile devices. Ubuntu is a secure open-source operating system, currently established on server, cloud, desktop and thin client.

Ubuntu is stepping into the well established smartphone market with a unique user experience on smartphones which addresses the current constraints faced by users, operators, and OEMs on existing platforms.

Ubuntu provides a rich and engaging experience, giving users the ability to search and access content, apps and services directly from their home screens - without hiding them behind apps and app stores. This is made possible by the introduction of “scopes” - a new UI paradigm unique to the Ubuntu OS.

It couldn't be easier for developers to come onboard.

App partners and developers have multiple entry points to bring their content and services to Ubuntu.

Scopes can be created easily, with minimal development efforts but maximum visibility for content and apps to surface on the phone. Combine this with opportunities to personalise the UI with your own branding, and you have the ability to make any Ubuntu smartphone feel like a natural extension of your brand.

Rich native apps can be developed quickly, using the Qt framework. Ubuntu is based on a single codebase across all form factors, significantly reducing the effort needed to support multiple devices like phones, tablets and PCs.

HTML5 is a first class citizen on Ubuntu. By aligning with mainstream development, Ubuntu supports the Webkit/Blink as its rendering engine, and the Apache Cordova API for offline packaging. Existing HTML5 apps can be easily brought to Ubuntu to deliver a fantastic experience to users.

ICS and Ubuntu Partnership

ICS provides native and html app development services as well as localization for Ubuntu apps on Qt platforms. We are very excited to work with our partners to bring native content to this great new mobile OS. Our team of Qt software engineers continuously develop new solutions to the toughest and most complex issues faced by product-driven companies worldwide and can help bring your application to life on Ubuntu. In addition, ICS is bringing its custom mobile apps such as Topics to Ubuntu.


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