Windows Phone 7 Development

An app is only as great as the platform it runs on - and developers who can support both.

Windows Phone 7 has features only available from Microsoft, like Xbox LIVE, Microsoft Office and an innovative customizable Live Tiles Start screen. This touchscreen-based GUI shows users at a glance what's going on now — like pending messages, game and friend status, and appointments — all refreshed wirelessly via the web.

The phones also offer a base hardware configuration that includes a DirectX9 rendering-capable GPU, capacitive 4-point multi-touch screen, 5-megapixel camera, accelerometer with compass, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, assisted GPS and gyroscope.

In short, Windows Phone 7 has everything you need to make your app everything it can be - including a great development team to bring your app to Windows Phone 7 — ICS.

Read a case study about two apps ICS created for The North Face®

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ICS — The leader in High-Performance App Portability

ICS is the leader in high-performance application portability across multiple mobile platforms. That's why Nokia — the volume driver for Windows Phone 7 — chose us as its North American partner for helping companies leverage Nokia technology in building cross platform, performance-intensive GUI centric applications.

No one has more experience working within the constrained budgets, timelines and runtime environments typical of these projects. We know that porting mobile application often means reengineering them to take best advantage of each platform's special features and to provide a user experience consistent with the platform.

And we are applying that same insight and experience to Windows Phone 7.

We leverage all the power of the Windows Phone 7 development ecosystem — Silverlight, XNA, Expressor Blend, Visual Basic .NET Development Tool and more. To further speed development, we'll open our toolbox of prefabricated components ready-built and pre-optimized to deliver best-of-breed functionality we don't have to create from scratch. Whether you want to port your application from another environment or want to deploy first on Windows Phone 7 — we'll help at any phase.

Regardless of where you start — an existing iPhone app, a Qt app, a Symbian app, an Android app, an application design, or just a wish list of features — bring it to us first and we will bring your app to Windows Phone 7 faster.

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